Anglican Chant and Chanting in England, Scotland, and America, 1660 to 1820

Clarendon Press, 1996 - 332 pages
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This book presents, for the first time, a history of English liturgical chant as performed in the Church of England and its transmission to churches in Scotland and the United States. In the mid-sixteenth century Reformation, the complex ritual of the Latin rite was replaced by a one-volumeBook of Common Prayer in English. The general nature of the new rubrics, expecially for music, left many of the details of performance to be worked out in traditional ways. Thus the music evolved from its Latin roots in oral, and later written practice. The body of music that makes up the chantingpractice of Anglican and related churches around the world is indeed diversified. Some texts of the liturgy are harmonized in four or more voice parts, often with organ accompaniment, and others are sung in plainsong. The largest group of chants, those for the psalms and canticles, has anidiosyncratic written form and a performance practice that continues to evolve in oral tradition. This music is commonly known as Anglican chant. Its origins in the seventeenth century and its codification in the eighteenth are explored in the choral establishments of the Church of England andparish churches in England, Scotland, and the United States.

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The Ecclesiastical Settlement and the 1662 Book of Common
The Evolution of the Chant Tune
Chanting Service and Double Tune
Chanting and Choral Service c 1690c 1820
Chants and Chanting in Parish Churches c 17101820
Music and Liturgy in the Episcopal Church of Scotland
Early Episcopal Music in America
Per Retro et Recte
B Parish Music Books with Chants 17181820
Episcopal Liturgical Music Printed in America 17831820
Selected Entries
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