Jewish Marriages and the English Law

The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2006 - 59 pages
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Henriques, H.S.Q. Jewish Marriages and the English Law. London: The Bibliophile Press, 1909. [iv], 59 pp. Reprinted 2006 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 978-1-58477-642-0. ISBN-10: 1-58477-642-0. Cloth. $60.* Reprint of the sole edition. With side-notes. An authority on the legal status of English Jews, Henriques [1866-1925] was the author of The Jews Return to England (1905), The Jews and the English Law (1908) and several historical and critical essays. An expanded version of an essay from the Jewish Quarterly Review, the present work was intended to be a supplement to his 1908 study. A compact treatise that analyzes the law and its historical development, it offers an interesting perspective on English marriage law.

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Page 10 - Registrar and of two other credible witnesses who shall respectively attest the same, he shall correct the erroneous entry, according to the truth of the case, by entry in the margin, without any alteration of the original entry, and shall sign the marginal entry, and add thereunto the day of the month and year when such correction shall be made...
Page 1 - That every Marriage solemnized under this Act shall be good and cognizable in like Manner as Marriages before the passing of this Act according to the Rites of the Church of England.
Page 7 - Jews, or according to any form authorized by this act, one of the parties shall give notice under his or her hand, in the form of schedule (A.) to this act annexed, or to the like effect, to the superintendent registrar of the district within which the parties shall have dwelt for not less than seven days then next preceding, or if the parties dwell in the districts of different superintendent registrars shall give the like notice to the superintendent registrar of each district...
Page vii - An Act touching Marriages and the Registering thereof and also touching Births and Burials...
Page 8 - Society, and also to every person whom the president for the time being of the London committee of deputies of the British Jews shall from time to time certify in writing under his hand to the registrar general to be the secretary of a synagogue in England...

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