Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: Commencing in Michaelmas Term, 1815 [to the End of the Sittings After Michaelmas Term, 1817], Volume 2

J. Butterworth and son, 1818
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Page 160 - What shall be admitted and what rejected, at what times and under what restrictions, must, in case of dispute, be decided, in the first instance, by their own provincial judicature, subject to the revision and control of the King in Council...
Page 160 - But in conquered or ceded countries, that have already laws of their own, the king may indeed alter and change those laws; but till he does actualty change them, the ancient laws of the country remain, unless such as are against the law of God, as in the case of an infidel country.
Page 177 - Orford, by deed or will, should appoint ; and in default of appointment, " to the use of the right heirs of the said Samuel Rolle for ever.
Page 437 - I have looked into all the affidavits, and have read the book itself. The bill goes the length of stating, that the work was composed by Mr. Southey in the year 1794; that it is his own production, and that it has been published by the defendants without his sanction or authority; and therefore seeking an account of the profits which have arisen from, and an injunction to restrain, the publication. I have examined the cases that I have been able to meet with containing precedents...
Page 38 - And if all my said nieces shall die without issue, then from and * after the decease of the survivor of them my said nieces without issue as aforesaid, I do hereby give, devise, and bequeath the whole of such residue and remainder of my estate and effects, as well real as personal, and as well freehold as copyhold, to my next male heir of the name of Murthwaite; to hold to such male heir, his heirs, executors, and administrators in manner aforesaid.
Page 145 - ... all persons inhabiting in, or resorting to, our said colonies, may confide in our royal protection for the enjoyment of the benefit of the laws of our realm of England...
Page 159 - But this must be understood with very many and very great restrictions. Such colonists carry with them only so much of the English law as is applicable to the condition of an infant Colony; such, for instance, as the general rules of inheritance and protection from personal injuries.
Page 402 - performance of every article, matter, and thing herein " contained, the parties hereby mutually bind and " oblige themselves, especially the...
Page 38 - Testator, after making a provision for the maintenance of his children, gives " all the rest, residue, and remainder of his real and personal estate...
Page 183 - Accordingly, by indentures of lease and release, dated the 1st and 2d of...

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