The Power of Prayer

Trafford Publishing, 2005 - 220 pages

Illustrated by Eddie Walker

It is my prayer that each reader will find the principles, mechanics and examples of my teaching prayers, the preached words, and the prayer examples to be instructive and helpful as we all seek to find peace with God through prayer.

In this relatively short treatise, the reader is reminded that prayer must become as natural as breathing. It is such prayer that men defeat spiritual forces arrayed against them that no human means can overcome.

The reader is reminded that prayer is one of the most vital subjects in the Scripture and it receives extensive mention in both Old and New Testaments. Prayer expresses a rightful understanding of the one true God and who He is. Prayer also expresses our special relationship to Him, and our total dependence upon Him.

Scripture teaches so extensively on the subject of prayer that one could spend lifetime examining its many revelations. Therefore, any study of prayer is apt to be incomplete because the subject is so vast. That being said, this written offering is far from complete, it is designed to function in the same manner as one of my earliest books in school - a little primer for the average Christian.

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