Letters to a Young Lady: In which the Duties and Character of Women are Considered, Chiefly with a Reference to Prevailing Opinions, Volume 1

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1806
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Page 174 - An elegant sufficiency, content, Retirement, rural quiet, friendship, books, Ease and alternate labour, useful life, Progressive virtue, and approving Heaven!
Page 207 - ... happy seat of liberty, plenty, and letters; flourishing in all the arts and refinements of civil life ; yet running, perhaps, the same course which Rome itself had run before it; from virtuous industry to wealth; from wealth to luxury; from luxury to an impatience of discipline and corruption of morals; till, by a total degeneracy and loss of virtue, being grown ripe for destruction, it falls a prey at last to some hardy oppressor, and, with the loss of liberty losing every thing else that is...
Page 107 - Next for poor suffering guilt ; and, last of all, For parents, friends, a king and country's fall. Mark her fair votaries, prodigal of grief, . With cureless pangs, and woes that mock relief, Droop in soft sorrow o'er a faded flower ; O'er a dead jack-ass...
Page 446 - Christ. 7. Saving grace is not allowed, is not imparted, is not granted to all men, by which they may be saved if they will. 8. No man is able to come to Christ, unless it be given him, and unless the Father draw him: and all men are not drawn by the Father, that they may come to his Son. 9. It is not in the will or power of every man to be saved.
Page 193 - The following example is manifestly inconsistent with itself; and, in my opinion, the three possessives are all wrong. 'The kitchen, too, now begins to give dreadful note of preparation; not from armorers accomplishing the knights, but from the shopmaid's chopping forcemeat, the apprentice's cleaning knives, and the journeyman's receiving a practical lesson in the art of waiting at table.
Page 164 - ... and the mistress of a tiny villa at Hackney, or a still more tiny drawing-room in Crutched Friars, only waits to know if her Grace has placed them in her baronial residence, to pronounce that they are comforts without which no soul can exist. Hence it becomes an undertaking of no little skill, to...
Page 442 - Heretics ;" or that the sins of dying men, which, if pardoned at all, xg have have already been pardoned by an eternal and irreversible decree, " may be " done away by his mercy in Christ " Jesus, and their pardon sealed in " heaven before they go hence, and " be no more seen." Thus refuted, our adversaries ought, in propriety, to have confessed their mistake, and renounced the charge; but another subterfuge remains: they insist, that our first reformers were Calvinists. If the assurance of their...
Page 107 - Taught her to cherish still, in either eye, Of tender tears a plentiful supply, And pour them in the brooks that babbled by ; Taught...
Page 445 - The true, lively, and justifying faith, and the spirit of GOD justifying, is not extinguished, doth not utterly fail, doth not vanish away in the elect, either finally or totally.
Page 458 - ... nations. Some may here ask, is the blame of controversy then all on one side ? Why does not the church give up these disputed points, and adopt what her adversaries require ? It may be answered, that in these realms she is the constituted guardian of the national religion, and is therefore legally empowered to execute the divine command of " contending earnestly for *' the faith once delivered to the ** saints.

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