The Harleian Miscellany, Or, A Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, as Well in Manuscript as in Print, Found in the Late Earl of Oxford's Library, Interspersed with Historical, Political, and Critical Notes, Volume 2

William Oldys, John Malham
R. Dutton, 1809
Chronologically arranged with the original Samuel Johnson introduction, this collection offers rare and entertaining tracts and pamphlets in manuscript and printed forms. Interspersed are historical, political and critical notes from the library of Edward Harley, second earl of Oxford. This collection was edited by Harley's secretary, William Oldys, and Samuel Johnson in the original edition, 1744-1746.

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Page 130 - The place of the Scripture which he read was this : He was led as a sheep to the slaughter ; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so opened he not his mouth : In his humiliation his judgment was taken away and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth.
Page 10 - An act declaring the rights and liberties of the subject, and settling the succession of the crown.
Page 351 - I ascribe any of these things to myself or my sexly weakness, I were not worthy to live, and of all most unworthy of the mercies I have received at God's hands, but to God only and wholly all is given and ascribed.
Page 9 - ... to withstand and revenge to the uttermost all such malicious actions and attempts, against her majesty's most royal person ; now for the full explaining of all such ambiguities and questions as otherwise might happen to grow, by reason of any sinister or wrong construction or interpretation, to be made...
Page 351 - ... sake to discharge the duty that God hath laid upon me, and to maintain his glory, and keep you in safety, in mine own disposition I should be willing to resign the place I hold to any other, and glad to be freed of the glory with the...
Page 317 - Leander, the red-herring and ling, never come to the board without mustard, their waiting-maid : and if you mark it, mustard looks of the tanned wainscot hue, of such a withered wrinkle-faced beldam, as she was, that was altered thereinto. Loving Hero, however altered, had a smack of love still, and therefore to the coast of Lovingland...
Page 315 - ... empty. Hero hoped, and therefore she dreamed (as all hope is but a dream) her hope was where her heart was, and, her heart winding, and turning with the wind that might wind her heart of gold to her, or else turn him from her.
Page 351 - Mr. Secretary, and you of my Council, that before these gentlemen depart into their countries, you bring them all to kiss my hand.
Page 107 - ... the shedding of Christian blood, but the saving of poor afflicted souls. Come down, therefore, come down, and deliver thy people by her. To vanquish is all one with thee, by few or by many, by want or by wealth, by weakness or by strength.
Page 319 - ... to lodge them, where if they were dry, let them be dry; for in the sea they had drunk too much, and now he would force them do penance for it. The weather was cold, and good fires he kept (as fishermen, what hardness soever they endure at sea, they will make all...

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