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cern for future ages, how any man will be learned, or any man a lawyer.

Kings are commonly faid to have long hands; I wish they had as long ears.

Princes in their infancy, childhood and youth, are faid to discover prodigious parts and wit, to fpeak things that furprife and aftonifh: ftrange, fo many hopeful princes, and fo many fhameful kings! If they happen to die young, they would have been prodigies of wifdom and virtue: if they live, they are often prodigies indeed, but of another fort.

Politics, as the word is commonly understood, are nothing but corruptions, and confequently of no use to a good king, or a good miniftry; for which reafon courts are fo over-run with politics.

Silenus, the fofter-father of Bacchus, is always carried by an afs, and has horns on his head. The moral is, that drunkards are led by fools, and have a great chance to be cuckolds.

Venus, a beautiful good-natured lady, was the goddess of love; Juno, a terrible fhrew, the goddefs of marriage; and they were always mortal enemies.

Those who are against religion, muft needs be fools and therefore we read, that, of all animals, God refused the firft-born of an afs.

A very little wit is valued in a woman, as we are pleafed with a few words spoken plain by a parrot. A nice man is a man of nafty ideas.

Apollo was held the god of phyfic, and fender of diseases. Both were originally the fame trade, and ftill continue.

Old men and comets have been reverenced for the fame reason; their long beards, and pretences. to foretel events.

A perfon was asked at court what he thought of an ambaffador, and his train, who were all embroidery and lace, full of bows, cringes, and gef-. Hh3


tures; be faid it was Solomon's importation, gold.

and apes.

There is a flory in Paufanias of a plot for betray-ing of a city difcovered by the braying of an afs: the cackling of geefe faved the capitol, and Cataline's confpiracy was difcovered by a whore. These are the only three animals, as far as I remember, famous in history as evidences and informers.

Moft fonts of diverfion in men, children, and other animals, are an imitation of fighting.

Auguftus meeting an afs with a lucky name, foretold himself good fortune. I meet many affes but none of them have lucky names.

If a man makes me keep my distance, the com. fort is, be keeps his at the fame time.

Who can deny that all men are violent lovers of truth, when we fee them fo pofitive in their errors, which they will maintain out of their zeal to truth, although they contradict themselves every day of their lives?

That was excellently obferved, fay I, when I read a paffage in an author, where his opinion agrees with mine. When we differ, there I pro

nounce him to be mistaken.

Very few men, properly fpeaking, live at preent, but are providing to live another time.

As univerfal a practice as lying is, and as eafy a one as it seems, I do not remember to have heard three good lies in all my converfation, even from those who were most celebrated in that faculty.

The End of the FIFTH VOLUME.

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