Double Takes: Thinking and Rethinking Issues of Modern Judaism in Ancient Contexts

University Press of America, 2004 - 220 pages
This book comprises a series of ten essays written by the authors both individually and collaboratively. While the subjects of these essays are wide ranging, they share a common recognition that issues at the forefront of contemporary Jewish thought must be measured against the background of ancient traditions, which revisit rabbinic and biblical times and beyond. The intent of these essays is to illustrate how shadows of longstanding traditions continue to shade current perceptions.

Double Takes challenges the reader's assumptions about modern Jewish thought by demonstrating how the past can be an unpredictable lens for the present-day. An examination of contemporary themes in a historical perspective reveals unanticipated, even disconcerting, refractions. The book appears in the Studies in the Shoah series as volume 26.


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Why Do We Call the Holocaust The Holocaust? An Inquiry into the Psychology of Labels
The Practice of Judaism During The Shoah 19331945
The Furor Over the Auschwitz Convent The Inside and Outside of the Language of Bias
The Rabin Assassination in the Long View and the Short View Biblical Radicalism in a Modern Context
Teaching and Learning from the Past
Choosing Among the Strands Teaching Hebrew Bible Survey to Undergraduates at a Secular University
Teaching Shoah Matters A Personal Memoir
Evolution and Revolution
The Bible the Sistine Chapel and the Liberty Bell How Do We Understand the Bible in Tradition?
Faith from the Ashes An Interview with Sibylle Sarah Niemoeller von Sell
Ancient Texts and Modern Technologies
Every Dot and Tiddle A Consideration of the Limitations of Computer Imaging for the Study of Dead Sea Scrolls
Working with a Little More Data New Finds in the 20th Century Semitic Language of the Ancient World
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