The Book of Hiram: Freemasonry, Venus, and the Secret Key to the Life of Jesus

Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated, 2005 - 482 pages

It started as a personal quest to unearth the origins of their order’s ancient rituals--but 14 years after they began their search, Freemasons Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas have discovered much more. The Book of Hiram brings their mission to an amazing close, as it painstakingly rebuilds the long-forgotten story contained in the scattered rites and ceremonies of Freemasonry and puts forth explosive evidence drawn from the latest archeological discoveries, the Bible, and early versions of Masonic rituals. What it reveals is "The Masonic Testament,”a parallel narrative to the Bible, with events that go unmentioned or unnoticed in those sacred pages--including a secret science of astronomy that they find encoded in the Bible. The study concludes with the startling revelation: that a lost science that changed the world before, could change it once again.

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