Bible Maker: Jerome: The Fascinating Story of the Author of the Latin Vulgate

AuthorHouse, 15 mars 2005 - 292 pages

Bible Maker: Jerome is a book of historical fiction about the translator of the Latin Vulgate Bible. This 4th century saint was a bridge between the Christian Church of the East and the West, serving the West as a papal secretary and monastic pioneer, but spending most of his adult life in Bethlehem in the East as a biblical exegete, translator, and monk. Bible Maker: Jerome uses the vast corpus of writings of this Doctor of the Church as the framework for a fresh look at this outspoken apologist and biblical scholar. Christianitys ascendancy in Rome under Constantine, the Arian heresy, the first two general church councils at Nicea and Constantiople. . . all were part of Jeromes controversial life. Bible Maker: Jerome is more than fiction . . . it is fascinating Church history brought to life.


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Edward J. Hahnenberg is married and the father of eight children. He taught philosophy, theology, world history, comparative world religions, and creative writing in his forty years as a teacher. He has studied Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Spanish extensively. He holds a BA in philosophy and an MA in biblical studies. He also holds advanced degrees, an MA and an Ed. S, in education. The Michigan Education Association honored him in 2000 for excellence in curriculum writing. He has authored: “The Religious Cantatas of J.S. Bach,” and “The Evolution of the Belief in the Afterlife in the Old Testament,” an historical novel, “The Children of the Apostles.” ISBN: 1594675570, and a book of meditations entitled: “The Psalms of God’s Tenderness: Commentaries on Divine Intimacy.” ISBN: 1420821253.

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