Holy Living And Dying With Prayers Containing the Whole Duty of a Christian And the Parts of Devotion Fitted to All Occasions And Furnished for All Necessities

Kessinger Publishing, 1 sept. 2004 - 548 pages
1883. Taylor was drawn into creating one body of those advices which the several necessities of many men must use at some time or other, and many of them daily; that by a collection of holy precepts they might less feel the want of personal and attending guides, and that the rules for conduct of souls might be committed to a book which they might always have; since they could not always have a prophet at their needs, nor be suffered to go up to the house of the Lord to inquire of the appointed oracles. Contents: The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living: Consideration of the General Instruments and Means serving to a Holy Life, by way of Introduction; Of Christian Sobriety; Of Christian Justice; Of Christian Religion. The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying: A General Preparation towards a holy and blessed Death, by way of consideration; A General Preparation towards a holy and blessed Death, by way of exercise; Of the State of Sickness, and the Temptations incident to it, with their proper Remedies; Of the Practice of the Graces proper to the State of Sickness, which a Sick Man may practice alone; Of the Visitation of the Sick; or the Assistance that is to be done to Dying Persons by the Ministry of their Clergy Guides.

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