Midnight Cry: Last Days of the Terminal Generation

AuthorHouse, 2006 - 200 pages
Midnight Cry is a close look through the eyeball of Scripture at the fifth through the twentieth chapters of the Book of Revelation. A look that fostered a scenario regarding our Day that was brought into focus by the prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, and the Lord Jesus in the Old Testament and the Apostles Paul and John in the New Testament. This book is my written testimony of what I saw when I superimposed these biblical texts over our present world society. For I saw answers to the developing trends and the persistent mysteries impacting our generation-the UFO phenomenon, the rise of the New World Order, the coming Antichrist, the pending war in the Middle East, Satan's last day agenda, and some of the less heralded but equally compelling end-time signs. What God gave me to understand with the insight of some of the most gifted Bible prophecy teachers of our generation, initially shocked and amazed me. Nevertheless as an evangelical theologian I was challenged to publish a provocative yet plausible message, a message that is not publicly endorsed by a majority of the conservative theological society with whom I share a deep affinity. Midnight Cry therefore is offered according to the spirit of faith; I believed therefore I have written. As an evangelist I am constrained to cry loud and spare not, because I am indebted to every man living in the terminal generation to deliver this message to you for your most sober reflection. I strongly recommend that each one read this book slowly and during a quiet time. Also, refer to the Bible frequently to see if the things that are written in this book are in line with the Word of God. Midnight Cry may well prove to be one of the most important books that you will ever read. "AND AT MIDNIGHT A CRY WAS HEARD: 'BEHOLD, THE BRIDEGROOM IS COMING; GO OUT TO MEET HIM." (Matthew 25:6)

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