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The Department, 1924
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Page 106 - Mayor's Committee on Celebration of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Greater City of New York...
Page 154 - We hope if we get a little growth at intervals that after a while it will spread, but up to the present time we have not been able to find anything that can be placed as cheaply as we think we can get if we continue these experiments.
Page 40 - God according to his own conscience ; that every man and woman here will see to it that the government of the people, for the people and by the people shall not be allowed to pass into the hands of a few who are grasping HENRY K.
Page 128 - An Act to amend the Greater New York Charter in relation to hours of labor of employees of the Department of Correction." The Kiernan Bill No. 1106, "An Act to amend the Greater New York Charter in relation to the retirement system for officers and employees." If there are any particular bills that the Comrades may be interested in and not mentioned in my report, the Legislative Committee will gladly furnish the desired information. We were fortunate in acquiring a room for the use of the United...
Page 72 - I have the honor to place in nomination for the office of Senior Vice Department Commander Comrade Henry E.
Page 42 - ... experience will be an emulation to other young people in trying to do what they can to sustain our principles of government, i thank you. (Applause.) THE CHAIRMAN : May I just take a moment of your time to tell you very briefly of an incident that occurred in 1898? The Daughters of the Revolution of Savannah, Georgia, gave a stand of colors to the First Georgia Regiment which was then at Chickamauga. The First Georgia Regiment was commanded by Colonel Gordon whose father was General Gordon and...
Page 170 - I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the City of New York to be affixed this nineteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three. JOHN F. HTLAX. By the Mayor: JOHN F. SINNOTT, Secretary to the Mayor.
Page 22 - And if you came here with patriotism you will go away with still more, and it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York, the Honorable George R.
Page 24 - I have said before, and I choose to repeat it very deliberately now, that if war must come again — God grant that it shall not — then we must draft all of the Nation in carrying on. It is not enough to draft the young manhood. It is not enough to accept the voluntary service of both women and men whose patriotic devotion impels their enlistment. It will be righteous and just, it will be more...
Page 13 - clock over the following route : First Street, to Washington, to Second, to and around Washington Park, to Third, passing in review before the Mayor, his Cabinet and the Board of Aldermen at the City Hall, to Fulton, to Fourth, to River, to Federal, to Fifth Avenue, to State, passing in review of the Grand Marshal and Staff at corner of State and Fifth Avenue and disband. Bands are requested to play Keller's American Hymn while passing in review. In passing in review, all units should execute Eyes...

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