Theocentric Reflections

AuthorHouse, 1 août 2007 - 192 pages
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The book is to be used as a foundational guideline for our Christian walk and our Christian walk and our Christian talk as we journey within this world. The seven chapters, of it's division, focuses upon specific areas for our spiritual growth. When these areas are unified, they will enable us to aspire to an even greater height of spiritual maturity. Even then, it will only spell a foundation for greater spiritual aspiration. The aspects, that each chapter focuses upon, use Biblical scipture as the backbone for it's sayings in order to keep man's opinions to a minimum if not completely absent! Each chapter is also supported by some original poetry that had been written by the author. As we continue on the roads of this Earthly journey, there will be a continuing battle between good and evil. The good, or course, is of The Lord while the evil is of the devil. Whether you are desiring to become a part of The Lord's salvation plan or have been traveling this road of salvation for a while, there is a need for the continuance of the renewing of our heats and minds. The road of salvation begins with change and this change must be to eradicate evil in our lives. We must - Depart From Evil- ( Chapter 1 ). Since evil is a part of this world, we will need to do this continuously until The Lord calls us on home. Once we have decided to change ourselves from our wicked ways and honestly strive toward it we open the door for The Lord to come in. We then will need faith! We will need to exercise faith to develop a deep seeded belief that The Lord will be there as the temptations rise in our lives and as the times of weakness come forth. With - Faith, The Cornerstone - ( Chapter 2 ), these thingswill come forth for us! With the continuance of the exercising of our faith, The Lord give to us - Strength For The Striving, ( Chapter 3 ). While we are then striving, in His name, and on the battlefield for Him, He will see to it that we are - Equipped For The Batt

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