The Process: From Void to Virtue

The Process:Void to Virtue, 2006 - 132 pages
The Process: from void to virtue is intended to bring healing, deliverance, and closure to all who pick up this book. Part one entails accounts from the author's life, a look into her personal journey (ups & downs, struggles to strength, trials to testimonies), and how she was brought to this point. Part two encompasses some of the revelations God showed her pertaining to prayer, being a virtuous woman, preparation, and the process that none of us can bypass. She suggests we all must be processed and go through a period of preparation (such as Queen Esther did in the bible), whether it be for a relationship or going into ministry, woman or man, younger or more mature. No matter where you fit, there is something in this book that will meet you where you are. Book Review for Back Cover: Tina Cortes exhibits a great sensitivity toward the voice of God and is evident in this wonderful book. This book will encourage, inspire, and convict you to know God more intimately. Readers will open the book and find themselves in the pages. You will never be the same! I'm Godly proud of you Tina! Pastor Ted J. Howard Jr. Edison St. Baptist Church Buffalo, NY

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Special Thanks Acknowledgements
In The Beginning
Deception Seduction and the Fragmented Soul
My Salvation Experience
Trials to Testimonies
The Throne Room
A Virtuous Woman Who Can Find Her?
Birthing the Promise
Final Word from the Author
Prayer of Forgiveness
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