Reports of Cases Decided in the High Court of Chancery: By the Right Hon. Sir John Leach ... [and Others] Vice-chancellors of England. [1826-1852], Volume 13

J. & W. T. Clarke, 1846

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Page 95 - Clayton, or the survivors or survivor of them, or the heirs, executors or administrators of such survivor, shall...
Page 80 - And it is ordered that the further consideration of this cause be adjourned, and any of the parties are to be at liberty to apply as they may be advised.
Page 572 - England in the name and with the privity of the Accountant-General of the Court of Chancery, to be placed to his account there...
Page 64 - have no issue," or any other words which may import either a want or failure of issue of any person in his lifetime or at the time of his death, or an indefinite failure of his issue, shall be construed to mean a want or failure of issue in the lifetime or at the time of the death of such person, and not an indefinite...
Page 41 - ... equally to be divided between them, share and share alike, as tenants in common and not as joint tenants...
Page 553 - Defendants, yet on a bill filed in equity, it was referred to the Master to take an account •of what was due to the Plaintiffs, and an issue at law was refused by the Chancellor, who thought the question too clear to be disputed.
Page 275 - ... for the payment of any sum of money out of any particular fund which may or may not be available...
Page 122 - Charlton for life, with remainder to his first and other sons successively in tail male, with remainders over.
Page 483 - ... that is to say, as soon as may be after the 25th day of March and the 29th day of September, respectively.
Page 460 - The general residue of his personal estate he directs to be invested in the purchase of lands, to be settled to the same uses as the Dorsetshire estates.

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