Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland

W.H. Reid, 1823
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Page 200 - In days of old here Ampthill's towers were seen, The mournful refuge of an injured queen. Here flow'd her pure, but unavailing; tears ; Here blinded zeal sustain'd her sinking years.
Page 14 - Monument designed to perpetuate the Memory of the Signal Victory Obtained over the French and Bavarians, Near the Village of Blenheim, , On the Banks of the Danube...
Page 17 - Bouchain, underwent the same Fate in two succeeding Years, Their vigorous Resistance could not save them. The Army of France durst not attempt to relieve them. It seemed preserved to defend the Capital of the Monarchy. " The Prospect of this extreme Distress was neither distant nor dubious. The French acknowledged their Conqueror, and sued for Peace. " These are the Actions of the Duke of MARLBOROUGH, Performed in the compass of a few Years, Sufficient to adorn the Annals of Ages.
Page 15 - With the other, the Duke gave Battle to the united strength of France and Bavaria. On the second day of August, one thousand seven hundred and four.
Page 15 - Rcconcil'd various, and even opposite Interests; Acquired an Influence Which no Rank, no Authority can give, Nor any Force, but that of superior Virtue; Became the fixed important Centre Which united, in one common Cause, The principal States of Europe; Who, by military Knowledge, and irresistible Valour, In a long Series of uninterrupted Triumphs, Broke the Power of France, When raised the highest, when exerted the most, Rescued the Empire from Desolation, Asserted and confirmed the Liberties of...
Page 16 - He had formed frustrated by private Interest, by Pique, by Jealousy, He returned with speed to the MAES. He returned, and Fortune and Victory returned with Him. LIEGE was relieved: HUY retaken. The FRENCH, who had pressed the Army of the STATES GENERAL with superior Numbers, retired behind Intrenchments which they deemed impregnable.
Page 16 - Increase of his Powers multiplied his Victories. At the opening of the next Campaign, when all his Army was not yet assembled, when it was hardly known that he had taken the Field, the noise of his Triumphs was heard over EUROPE. On the twelfth day of May, one thousand seven hundred and six, he attacked the French at RAMILLIES.
Page 16 - Aeth, were taken. Brabant and Flanders were recovered. Places, which had resisted the greatest generals for months, for years ; .provinces, disputed for ages, were the conquests of a summer. Nor was the Duke content to triumph alone.
Page 18 - Majesty's coronation, and in May following, was created a peer of England, by the title of Baron Churchill, of Sandridge, in Hertfordshire.
Page 15 - III beheld this formidable Union of two Great, and once Rival Monarchies. At the end of a Life spent in defending the Liberties of EUROPE, He saw them in their greatest danger.

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