John Frith, Scholar and Martyr: A Biography

Pond View Books, 2000 - 176 pages
John Frith was one of the outstanding academics of his time. He had a clear logical mathematical mind, was highly respected and influenced many. Yet, in 1553, at the age of 30, he was burnt at the stake for writing books supporting doctrines of Reformation. This work discusses his life.

Table des matières

Chapter 1
Cambridge 15231525
Oxford 15251528
The Continent 15281531
Early Publications 1529
A Brief Return to England 1531
Frith Tyndale and Stephen Vaughan 1531 92
A Disputation of Purgatory 1531
Frith is Arrested in England 1532
Writings from Prison 15321533
Trial and Martyrdom 1533
The Articles wherefore John Frith died 1533 144
Reformation in England Friths Influence 153
Friths Communion Prayer
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