Rebuilding a Lost Faith 1826

Kessinger Publishing, 1 janv. 2003 - 248 pages
In this study in devotion, the author attempts to explain the motives, influences, and arguments which brought him back to faith in God, the Bible, immortality and the Christian religion. Contents: from faith to rationalism; in the wilderness of rationalism; the awakening; searching for the light (the existence of God) the moral law; immortality; revelation; what think ye of Christ; the church of Christ; Luther; Protestantism in Germany; Protestantism in America; the church of England; difficulties surmounted; purgatory and indulgences; the sacrament of penance; reverence shown to the blessed virgin, and prayers to her and to the saints; miracles, ancient and modern; the veneration of images and relics; persecutions for heresy by Catholics and Protestants; the final step; some Catholic privileges and compensations.

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