The school for satire, or, A collection of modern satirical poems written during the present reign

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Page 189 - As broad and general as the unbounded sun ! No narrow bigot he ; — his reason'd view Thy interests, England, rank with thine, Peru ! France at our doors, he sees no danger nigh, But heaves for Turkey's woes the impartial sigh ; A steady Patriot of the World alone, The Friend of every Country — but his own.
Page 216 - The indignation raised by cruelty and injustice, and the desire of having it punished, which persons unconcerned would feel, is by no means malice. No, it is resentment against vice and wickedness : it is one of the common bonds, by which society is held together; a fellow-feeling, which each individual has in behalf of the whole species, as well as of himself.
Page 202 - Couriers and Stars, Sedition's evening host, Thou Morning Chronicle and Morning Post, Whether ye make the Rights of Man your theme, Your country libel, and your God blaspheme, Or dirt on private worth and virtue throw, Still blasphemous or blackguard, praise LEPAUX. " And ye five other wandering bards, that move In sweet accord of harmony and love, COLERIDGE and SOUTHEY, LLOYD, and LAMB and Co. Tune all your mystic harps to praise LEPAUX ! " PRIESTLEY and WAKEFIELD, humble, holy men, Give praises...
Page 194 - Give me the avowed, the erect, the manly foe, Bold I can meet — perhaps may turn his blow ; But of all plagues, good heaven, thy wrath can send, Save, save, oh ! save me from the candid friend...
Page 11 - Here too they conceal in cavities, on the summits of the highest mountains, founderies, lime-kilns, and glass-works, which send forth large volumes of flame, and continued columns of thick smoke, that give to these mountains the appearance of Volcanos." Page 37. " Here the passenger from time to time is surprized with repeated shocks of electrical impulse; the earth trembles under him by the power of confined air,
Page 202 - BUONAPARTE'S victor fleet protect The genuine Theo-philanthropic sect, — The sect of MARAT, MIRABEAU, VOLTAIRE, — Led by their Pontiff, good LA REVEILLERE. Rejoiced our CLUBS shall greet him, and install The holy Hunchback in thy dome, St. Paul ! While countless votaries thronging in his train, Wave their red caps, and hymn this jocund strain: " Couriers and Stars, Sedition's evening host, Thou Morning Chronicle...
Page 191 - The dawdling balance dangling in her hand, Adjusting punishments to fraud and vice, With scrupulous quirks, and disquisition nice :— . But firm, erect, with keen reverted glance, The...
Page 247 - Business and ambition take up men's thoughts too much to leave room for philosophy : but if you speak to women in a style and manner proper to approach them, they never fail to improve by your counsels.
Page 382 - Boileau: Thus one fool lolls his tongue out at another, And shakes his empty noddle at his brother.
Page 13 - Our sons some slave of greatness may behold, Cast in the genuine Asiatic mould : Who of three realms shall condescend to know No more than he can spy from Windsor's brow...

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