The Ten Commandments: Introducing Armage

Xlibris Corporation, 16 juin 2006 - 95 pages
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: Introducing Armageddon is Debora Roth Brewer's first published work that details the controversial ten covenant commandments from GOD to the Jewish nation of Israel. The author makes a distinction between the articles of the Law of GOD and these ten covenant commandments by defining the two Hebrew words, 'mitsvah', and 'dabar' that are translated into the English word 'commandments'. Taking the reader on an in-depth study, starting with the giving of the Law to the children of Israel from Mount Sinai in the book of Exodus chapter Nineteen, the secret to unlocking Armageddon is found in scripture. The first ten articles of the Law of GOD found detailed in Exodus Chapter 20 is what is traditionally accepted by the known Church world as 'the ten commandments'. As the reader embarks on a biblical study it is discovered that GOD calls another passage of scripture from Exodus "the ten commandments." Without undermining the importance of today's "ten commandments," Debora Roth Brewer challenges the reader to delve deeper into the word of GOD to discover a hidden knowledge that is just now being revealed by the Spirit of GOD. Spurred on by a "what does it matter" attitude from fellow Christians, and direct opposition from denominational mind-sets, the author cried out to GOD for inspiration. The LORD took her on a journey through His Word. From Moses to Zephaniah and from Jesus to John the Revelator, this book will challenge the Biblical novice, and also intrigue the doctors of the law. This book is not for the lukewarm at heart toward the things of GOD, but is aimed at those whose opinions are either hot or cold. If you have a definite opinion about the nation of Israel, about Christianity in general, or about the second coming of CHRIST, this book is for you.

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