Sound Doctrine: Is in the Land: Men Don't Understand

Author House, 13 nov. 2007 - 88 pages

It is my intention to write this reading to the unaware Church of which is in dire trouble with spirtually of the the same. The main trouble is concerning crooked and dishonest leadership, which has prepetuated, or passed down, from previous corrupt leadership. I just like would to try and be the salt and a light in an unsavoury and dark world. I will be needing many ministers trained in the way of the Sound Doctrine message. Just asthe Apostle Paul had to go to a nation and to especially the Gentilesthat knew not God. We will have to go out into the highways and hedges to present this Sound Doctrine wayto the now gone amok church world. This means you need to read this writing and make a comparision with what the Bible is saying and what is really going on.


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Larry Douglass Reid, was born November 20,1948 in the city of Detroit, Michigan. He was raised up an around the Pentecostal churches of the Apostolic Faith. He is the first of ten children born to John and Mary Reid. He finished high school and worked at the Ford Motor Company for 39 years, until his retirement in March 2007. Larry was very persistant in his pursuit for higher learning and completed his Bachlors Degree at the age of 57. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost in 1975 and was called ministry in 1979. He learned most of his understanding of the Bible, according to Sound Doctrine from the late Bishop David Sibley. His life work is to present the Sound Doctrine teaching to the now and last day saints of God. This writing is a sort of eye opener for the people of God, in hopes of finding the true and only way that the Bible in teaching holiness and to bring about unity in the church. There are many things going on in the Churches, which must be addressed and it is the job of the last day ministers to find correction.

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