An Account of Prince Edward Island in the Gulph of St. Lawrence, North America

W. Winchester, 1806 - 304 pages
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Page 273 - Representatives of the people so to be summoned as aforesaid, to make, constitute, 'and ordain laws, statutes, and ordinances for the public peace, welfare, and good government of our said colonies, and of the people and inhabitants thereof, as near as may be agreeable to the laws of England...
Page 167 - School, 2 Ditto 3 Ditto 4 Ditto 5 Ditto 6 Ditto 7 Ditto 8 Ditto 9 Ditto 10 Ditto 11 Ditto 12 Ditto 13 Ditto 14...
Page 183 - Though they have often forgotten him, and sinned against him, have done those things which they ought not to have done, and left undone those things which they ought to have done...
Page 282 - Gazette, and shall be of the same Force and Effect as if the same had been made by the Authority of Parliament...
Page 160 - Township do settle the same within Ten years from the date of the Grant in the proportion of One person for every 200, acres.
Page 116 - The fevers and other diseases of the United States are unknown here; no person ever saw an intermittent fever produced on the island, nor will that complaint when brought here ever stand above a few days, against the influence of the climate. I have seen thirty Hessian soldiers who brought this...
Page 160 - Majesty's subjects in general of carrying on a free fishery on the coasts of the said township, and of erecting stages and other necessary buildings for the said fishery within the distance of 500 feet from high water mark.
Page 120 - ... dams, marshes, &c. These autumnal fevers are not directly fatal, but they gradually undermine the constitution, and very sensibly shorten life. Other travellers have observed before me, that in South Carolina, for instance, a person is as old at fifty as...
Page 196 - An act to render good and valid in law all and every of the proceedings in the years one thousand seven hundred and eighty and one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, which in every respect related to or concerned the suing, seizing, condemning, or selling of the lots or townships hereinafter mentioned, or any part thereof.
Page 121 - States, appear to them to grow as old again as they would have done in England or Scotland. " If these fevers fix on a person at the end of October, they will not quit him the whole winter, but reduce him to a state of deplorable languor and weakness. Lower Canada, and the cold countries adjacent, are scarcely at all subject to them.

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