Antiquities of Sunderland and Its Vicinity, Volumes 3 à 4

Sunderland Antiquarian Society., 1904
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Page 49 - The Pointed Prayer Book, being the Book of Common Prayer with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches.
Page 51 - ... for every search extending over a period of not more than one year the sum of one shilling, and sixpence additional for every additional year, and the sum of two shillings and sixpence for every single certificate.
Page 46 - Lilburn:" which part of his character gave occasion for the following lines at his death : Is John departed, and is Lilburn gone? Farewell to both, to Lilburn and to John. Yet, being dead, take this advice from me, Let them not both in one grave buried be : Lay John here, and Lilburn thereabout, For if they both should meet they would fall out.
Page 49 - AB, do declare my unfeigned assent and consent to all and everything contained and prescribed in and by the Book entitled The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church according to the Use of the Church of England...
Page 14 - ... parish for ever.' The dissolution of the monasteries in 1536 and 1539 deprived the country of the sole depositories of the accumulated facts of domestic history. In an article in the Antiquary some years ago, written by Mr. BL Lewis, he says, ' After 300 years of clerical custody, out of about 11,000 parishes, half the registers, prior to the year 1600, had utterly disappeared, and not above 812 registers commenced in 1538, the year of their institution.
Page 49 - Covenant and that the same was [in it] self an unlawfull oath and imposed upon the subiects [of this] Realme against the knowne Lawes and Liberties of this kingdom. DCCXLIV. Chamberlains
Page 55 - Enquiry into the antient and present State of the County -Palatine of Durham ; wherein are shewn the Oppressions •which attend the Subjects of this County by the...
Page 53 - incumbent' too frequently loses its name. I could give you instances of rectors who have not, like a certain bishop, set foot on their rectories for six years together, and of another living, near me, on which there has been neither resident rector nor resident curate for above twelve years.
Page 80 - He was second in command of the division of marines left on the Diamond Rock, when the French, under Gantheaume, captured it. The privation and fatigue he sustained on that station, laid the foundation of a decline...
Page 76 - Gilpin touching conformity, wherein the doctor wot said to treat him with worse manners than were due to his birth, which was far superior to his own. But the doctor had the better of him, the gentleman's zeal far exceeding his abilities.

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