A Memoir of Felix Neff: Pastor of the High Alps, Volume 2

W. Hyde & Company, 1832 - 318 pages
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Page 163 - wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption, that, according as it is written, he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.
Page 265 - but am pleased with my want of health ; my heart is now fixed on that place, where true joy is only to be found. I praise God I am prepared to make my bed in the dark : I praise him, that I have practised mortification, and have
Page 117 - secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues,
Page 120 - earnestness of his address : and the bad effects of emulation mixing with actions in which, of all others, humility and forgetfulness of self are necessary. Such too is that warmth of feeling, and language derived rather from imitation than conviction, which under
Page 53 - neither the day, nor the hour, when the Son of man cometh.
Page 83 - and twenty-one miles north of Guillestre, or thirty-three -. miles from the minister's presbytery. Suppose, then,, that the pastor has fixed his abode at the house which is provided for him at La Chalp, in the commune of Arvieux, he has a journey of twelve miles before he can reach the scene of his labours in a western direction, and sixty before
Page 53 - villages, every body remarks a sensible improvement in the manners and industrious habits of the Protestants. In short, the numberless labours of Neff, his indefatigable activity, and his instructions, will long be remembered at Mens, and his sojournment among us will be recorded as a signal blessing.
Page 93 - and held a meeting in the evening. The next day I preached in the church, catechised in the afternoon, and assembled some willing hearers around me in the evening, whom I addressed on the one thing needful, so that I did not lose a single hour in this commune, during my stay there. It is the highest, and consequently
Page 210 - Dormilleuse was the spot which I chose for my scene of action, on account of its seclusion, and because its whole population is Protestant, and a local habitation was already provided here for the purpose. I reckoned at first that I should have about a dozen
Page 81 - to himself, was strikingly exhibited in his last moments, and on the 16th of Nov. 1817, without a struggle or sigh, he sweetly slept in Jesus." For want of a regular pastor, the people of Vals Fressiniere and Queyras used to assemble on Sundays in the churches and oratories, of which there were six of the former, and two of the latter,

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