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Xulon Press, 2007 - 140 pages
Five times Jesus prayed for the unity of the Body of Christ, in order that, "The world may believe You sent Me." The secular world does not read the Bible, but it reads us. The Holy Spirit flows the life, character, and person of Jesus, the head in heaven, through His people on earth in a kind of ongoing incarnation of Himself in a new body-a bigger body-a greater body-the church. Unity attracts. Disunity, division and controversy present an ugly caricature of Christ and repels. As the world's largest Protestant Christian denomination, Southern Baptists as well as countless other groups and churches by the thousands continue to publicly debate issues which have simple solutions. Worship Wars-Calvinism-Elder Rule-Preaching Style, Private Prayer Language, Tithing in the New Testament-to name a few. Here is INSIDE INFORMATION - fresh insights - new stuff that will solve your problems! Rick Warren writes, "There are some great pastors who excel in one particular area. But John Bisagno has excelled at it all - preaching, leading, evangelism, discipleship, planting churches, transitioning churches, leading worship, raising money, doing world missions, resolving conflict, motivating members and loving everyone." Dr. Bisagno holds three doctorates and is an Adjunct Professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Recently The Falls Creek Tabernacle Worship Center was named in his honor at the world's largest Christian Assembly in Oklahoma. Well known as "The Pastor's Pastor," Dr. Bisagno travels the world lecturing in conferences and churches, particularly in the area of bringing healing where there is church or denominational disunity. For thirty years his First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas, has been characterized by unprecedented unity and uncompromising Biblical orthodoxy. The power of both resulted in over 30,000 conversions during that time.

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Its Tearing Us Apart
Unity in the Body
The Question of Elder Rule
Youre Voting on What?
The Battle Over Relevance
The Contemporary Music Wars
Preaching to Todays People
Pastoral Personal Purity
Tithing and the New Testament Believer
The Private Prayer LanguagePart I
Lets Roll
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