Controversy Between REV. Messrs. Hughes and Breckinridge on the Subject Is the Protestant Religion of Christ?

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THE following corresponde ice and controversy have been exten sively put lished in the religious newspapers of the dav. but as it is believed that many persons wish to possess it in a form more conve nient or reference and preservation, this edition is given io ihe public, with a hope that it will meet with extensive patronage. The whole is copied from The Presbyterian, and r r Catholic Herald, in which it originally appeared, and the public is assured that pains have bcen taken to make it an exact copy, without alteration of any kind, To thf Rev. John Rreclcenrid - g e, REV. SIR, -I have perused your articIo on the Roman Cathnliccorl. troversy published in the Christian Advocate, and feel that you 1iar. c neither been just nor ingenuous in your observations. I am the iiorc gurprised at this because those whcl lrnorv you ascribc to you rna iy of those qualities of mind and feeling, which constitute or adorn the scholar and the gentleman. Throughout the ar icle you seem to regret that your antagonist is not an accredited or responsible authority the subject auil hence you say, There are Priests and Dishops, c. 1Ve are prc pared to meet any of them, on the broad ficlrl of this important and vital discussion and hereby make this disposition known. Now, sir, I am cqually ready to accept this challenge let it ouIy be coi ductcd in a s p i t of Christian charity, and of sincere inquiry after truth. Of course it will be ncccssarq-to define certain rules and conditions by which rve may understand ourselves and each other, in the discussion of the question. I hope 1-ou wili fitld in the publicity of your challenge a suficient apology for the liberty I take in actdressing you. I shall be ready toreceive any com nunication you may make on this suhject, and shall be accomn ndating as to the time, place, manner, and circumstance, of bringing this topic Pdirly before the public, Yours, very respectfully, Jorrs HUGHES. Oct. 3d, 1832. PhiladeIphia, Oct, 13th, 1832. To file Rev. John Hughes, Sir, -Your communication of the third instant was duly received and 1 have used the earliest opportunity, which my present uusettled life allowed me, in giving the necessary attention to its contents. I am gratified to find that in your estimate of my character you 1il-fer from those who know me. If, as you concede, they arc pleased to ascribe to me many of those qualities of mind and fccling rvhich constitute or adorn the scholar or the gentleman, I. leave you to detcrmine whether I ought to be more gratified by their judgment, or dis tressed at yours, I confess, however, that I am not a litfle surprised to find you speaking of my Ietter published in the Christian Advocatc on the Eo man Catholic controversy, as e nbraciiig a n original chalieugc, while L 5 charging upon me the want of i gmuousness. l3y a reference to tha introduction and close of that pubIication, you wiII find that this con troversy was forced upon me and that my reply did not originate the discussion, or embrace a challenge, but atrcmpted to transfer a chal lenge already given to more equal and elevated ground, ant1 to iden tify the investigation with the best lights and sanctioned defenders of your faith. And now, sir, I Q W m e to say, that it gives me hearty pleasure to find YOU disposed, in a manly form, to meet the question at issue between lroteslanb and Romanists while at the same tinie f111ly re spond to the wishexpressed in yourletter, that any controversy which nag hereafter he undertaken 4bmay bc conducted in a spirit of Chris tian charity, and a sincerc inquiry after truth...

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John Hughes has worked in ELT for twenty years as a teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies. Currently, he runs training courses, both face-to-face and online. He is also an author with over 20 ELT books. His books for Cengage Learning and National Geographic Learning include Spotlight on FCE, Practical Grammar, Total Business and the new six-level National Geographic course for adult learners called Life.

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