Jewish Values in Jungian Psychology

University Press of America, 1991 - 183 pages
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Jewish Values in Jungian Psychology serves to build a bridge for the first time between Jung's psychology and Jewish tradition. While Jungian psychology can help one achieve a deeper understanding of Jewish teachings, the study of Jewish traditions can enhance and amplify Jung's mode of understanding the human psyche. Contents: Judaism and Jungian Psychology; Individuation and Shema Yisroel ('Hear, O Israel'); The Meaning and Soul of 'Hear, O Israel, ' by Rabbi Adolf (Avraham) Altmann, Ph.D.; Life as an Original Blessing; The Star of David as a Symbol of the Union of Opposites; A Psychological Midrash-God's Struggle with Man: Jacob and t Lonely Night Journey; Reflections on the Death of my Analyst; Book Review: Freud and Moses

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Judaism and Jungian Psychology
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