My Lord His Adversary

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 168 pages

The intent of this book is to reach those who ponder on the foundational truths of our universe and our being. We can all recall a time when we have asked those questions such as:

Did Cavemen really exist?

What exactly was the "fruit" that caused Adam & Eve to fall into sin?

Why do I feel like there is more to this world than what the eye beholds?

What events led up to the creation of mankind?

Did this world come into existence as the Big Bang theory suggests or is there a Supreme power (or God) who created all that we know?

Questions like these and more are what causes us to feel at times that we are lost, and this is because these same questions hold a vital part to bringing us to the state where we will know that we are "in fact" complete.

So if you desire to know the unknown, to discover the hidden parts to your being and even to receiving those answers that you have longed to obtain for years...step away from that which is ordinary and from the way of traditions and step into the realm of GOD as He reveals and unveils those "deep things" of His Spirit.

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