Catalogue of Official A.E.F. Photographs Taken by the Signal Corps, U.S.A.

1919 - 577 pages
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Page 3 - Technology who have served in any capacity with the American Expeditionary Force and who have snap-shot photographs, taken in France, forward copies of all such photographs, together with the necessary explanatory information to be used as captions, to the Officer in Charge, Pictorial Section, Historical Branch, War Plans Division, General Staff, Army War College, Washington, DC These photographs are requested for incorporation in the permanent pictorial files, which will serve as the official photographic...
Page 221 - Yes. sir. Mr. ANSELL. What troops were stationed there? Mr. ANSELL. How many organizations? Mr. TROMLEY. Oh, I would not dare to try to tell you. There were the Three hundred and first. Three hundred and second, Three hundred and third, Three hundred and fourth, Three hundred and fifth, Three hundred and sixth, and Three hundred and seventh Brigades, and these brigades varied, as light tanks had one number of men and heavy tanks had another, so it would be about 0,000 or 7,000 men.
Page 215 - Signal Corps Storage Yard Supply Depot No. 2, showing cable being loaded for shipment. General Intermediate Supply p"pot.
Page 184 - A typical village of the Lorraine front in which the American troops were billeted...
Page 190 - In tho grass that grows on top of the trenches. These flares are placed at interval» along the top in tho daytime.
Page 225 - Left to right:. Eric Krebs. Eddie Crawford, William Pauly. and Daniel Burns. Twenty-seventh Division. Oudozeele, France. August 4, 1918. 18835 [G44G8].
Page 225 - I am only a Buck Private." Left to right : Bert Hamilton, Bill Whitinann, Hal I'ngcr and Jack Johannes. Oudozeele, F ranee. August 4, 1918. 18828 [G35G8]. Eddie Crawford as "Julian Eltinge.
Page 225 - Left to right : Eric Krebs, Eddie Crawford, William Pauly and Daniel Burns. Twenty-seventh Division. Oudozeele, France. August 4, 1918. 16823 IG32G8]. Hughes and Marion in the "Dances de Luxe.

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