The Chronological Historian: Or, A Record of Public Events, Historical, Political, Biographical, Literary, Domestic and Miscellaneous; Principally Illustrative of the Ecclesiastical, Civil, Naval and Military History of Great Britain and Its Dependencies, from the Invasion of Julius Cæsar ... With an Appendix, Bringing the Work Down to 1835, Volume 1

J. Dowding, 1835

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Page 371 - An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown, and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject...
Page 332 - That king James the Second, having endeavoured to subvert the Constitution of the Kingdom, by breaking the original Contract between king and people, and, by the advice of Jesuits, and other wicked persons, having violated the fundamental Laws, and having withdrawn himself out of the Kingdom, has abdicated the Government, and that the Throne is thereby become vacant.
Page 381 - further Security of His Majesty's Person and Govern"ment and the Succession of the Crown in the Heirs of "the late Princess Sophia being Protestants and for ex"tinguishing the Hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales "and his open and secret Abettors...
Page 334 - Princess during their lives, and the life of the survivor of them: and that the sole and full exercise of the regal power be only in, and executed by, the said Prince of Orange...
Page 385 - An Act for the further security of His Majesty's person and Government, and the succession of the Crown in the Heirs of the late Princess Sophia, being Protestants, and for extinguishing the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, and his open and secret abettors...
Page 414 - An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by vesting the Copies of printed Books in the Authors or Purchasers of such Copies during the Times therein mentioned...
Page 353 - An Act for granting to his Majesty certain Rates and Duties upon Marriages, Births, and Burials, and upon Bachelors and Widowers, for the term of five years, for carrying on the war against France with vigour.
Page 255 - Oliver Cromwell, Esquire, be constituted Captain-General and ' Commander-in-Chief of all the Forces raised or to be raised by ' authority of Parliament within the Commonwealth of England,
Page 466 - An Act for the preserving all such Ships and Goods thereof, which shall happen to be forced on shore or stranded upon the Coasts of this Kingdom, or any other of her Majesty's dominions; also one other Act of Parliament, passed the 4th Geo.
Page 350 - An Act for granting to their Majesties several duties upon tonnage of ships and vessels, and upon beer, ale, and other liquors, for securing certain recompenses and advantages in the said Act mentioned, to such persons as shall voluntarily advance the sum of fifteen hundred thousand pounds towards carrying on the war with France.

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