Nineteenth-century Writings on Homosexuality: A Sourcebook

Chris White
Psychology Press, 1999 - 374 pages
Nineteenth-Century Writings on Homosexuality is a comprehensive collection which provides, for the first time in one volume, many texts unavailable outside specialised academic libraries. Chris White has brought together a wide range of primary source material, including prose, poetry, fiction, history and polemic from 1810 to 1914.
Nineteenth-Century Writings on Homosexuality includes writing on:
* trials and scandals
* censorship and homophobia
* cultural and personal history
* love and friendship
* lesbianism
* aestheticism and decadence
* sexual tourism and colonialism
* cross-class desire
* sodomy and sadomasochism.
Containing a general introduction, section headnotes, a bibliography of primary and secondary source material, this book is extraordinarily well researched.

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À propos de l'auteur (1999)

Chris White is lecturer in Literature at Bolton Institute. She is the co-editor with Elaine Hobby of What Lesbians Do in Books, and has published a number of essays on nineteenth-century homosexuality and lesbianism.

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