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He sees the sorrows he hath brought men to:
He sees their sufferings now before his view;
He sees the conscience of the sinner swell;
He sees the trembling jailors now in hell,
In agonies they know not how to bear;
And yet his heart no love nor pity shares,
That he hath been the author of their guilt,
But still with pleasure all their sufferings felt:
That is, to hear them daily to complain,
He doth rejoice for to increase their pain;
And now he would rejoice the world to see
Lost in confusion, and in ruin be,

And in his hellish power gain them all!
Then now, Proud Lucifer, I tell thy fall:
The measure of thy sins is fully up;

And like thy words, I tell thee, thou shalt drop;
Thou that advanc'd thyself in heaven's high throne,
And there didst wish to have the power thy own,
And by thy pride and malice there to stay.
Look back, O Satan! think upon the day,
When all in heavenly splendour did appear,
And all in harmony my voice did hear,
And heavenly music was throughout the sound;
Till thy malicious heart did there abound,
With pride, with envy, and with malice swell,
And want the heavenly armies to compel
To have these praises all turn'd back on thee;
And told the angels they should all agree,
In the like manner, for to praise thy name,
With equal power thou wast like ME become.
And so thy lies in Heaven did begin;

Thou know'st the way thou drew'st the angels in;
But now thy power shall fall like one of them;
For though in heaven thou didst swell so high,
Low as thy angels thou shalt surely lie,
If e'er thou answer'st in one boasting word,
And dost not now confess the power of God
To be superior, and in justice shine,

To have compassion on the souls that're mine:
That as I did create them all at first,
Then like a Father now my pity bursts
To every prodigal that will return;
For over them, I say, my heart doth yearn.
I see a famine in my land appear;

1 see my Gospel there's no man can clear;
I see the Husk to man is now denied:

But here thou marvel'st how it can be applied;
Because the husk thou judgest is given free,
And so the swine may feed, I now tell thee;

But here the Husk I'll prove it is denied;
And now I'll tell thee how it is applied:
Because the day of vengeance, all may see,
Is for the Devil now design'd by ME;

Which is the husk now given from my hand-
But sure these things are now denied by men,
That they may eat the words their minds to fill;
There is no other food, judge as you will;
And since by man this food is now denied,
Then to the following words must be applied-
Unto your FATHER you must all return,
Humbly confess that all your store is gone;
And now as hir'd servants you will be,
If I'll accept the names that're given ME.
To be a servant of your Lord become ;
This is the way the prodigals must turn,
And joy in Heaven there will surely be;
For ninety-nine just persons now I see,
That in such manner will not come at all,
And so I say that death on them must fall.
Then what rejoicing can in heaven be,
To see the souls that will not sign for ME,
To make your calling and election sure,
That Christ has chosen for you to appear
For to confound the haughty pride of hell,
Who boasts of armies he could now compel.
So here, I tell you all, the lines go deep-
The prodigals will make some Saints to weep;
To see the fatted calves for to appear,
And the new clothing and the ring see clear,
While they in unbelief did so stand out.
For now I tell thee, many Saints will doubt;
And so I tell them they shall come with ME,
If they cannot rejoice the truth to see,
That every prodigal may now return,

And over them their Father's heart will yearn;
If now they come my favour to implore,
I'll give them clothing they did never wear;
Because the dead shall now be made alive.—
My Ring is ready all for to receive—

But will the Saints say, they are now TOO JUST
For to rejoice with such unwelcome guests,
To see the prodigals for to return?

And say, with sinners they can never join,
Because too righteous they themselves now be?

Then in my Kingdom let them come with ME;

The only consolation man has for his fallen state, is the fulfilling of the

Divine Word, to bring the Day of Vengeance on the Devil; this is the Husk that only remains for Man; and this the Preachers at this day deny.


For now I'm come the sinners for to call
To the lost sheep, and now redeem you all.
Now to the forty-fourth page appear

The words of Satan I shall answer there:
"What hath provoked me now," I'll let him know---
Let him look back and see how all did go;
In every age what evil he hath done:
And was my anger never shewn to men,
When on their heads I did the evil turn,
And in my heart the anger it did burn,
To see thee, Satan, lead them all astray?
And in my heart I've always borne the day,
That on thy head I shall the whole return;
"Twas only lent thee-all that thou hast done:
That I the debt of thee did not demand,
Avenge my murder on thy bloody hand;
When Judas, as a man he did appear,
And hang'd himself for guilt he could not bear!
So at that time thou killed'st both God and Man:
Did I not know which way thou laid'st thy plan,
And how by arts thou workedst then on men?
And my disciples how thou didst betray,
And how their blood was surely shed by thee?
But mark, the sixth day, I did sure appear
To die for man—the six thousandth year
Is nearly ended, it must now be known;
But mark, the sixth day was but partly gone,
When on the cross they surely nail'd me up;
And the six thousandth now it cannot drop,
"Till on the cross they hang thee up the same;
So now I let thee know thy time is come.
Though darkness then was over all the land
From the sixth hour, men may understand,
That three years' darkness will in man appear,
Though on the cross I've shewn you Satan here,
How that by man he surely shall be cast ;
And yet I know the darkness it will last;
Over all lands, I know it will appear

Gross darkness in the minds of men three

For one already is in darkness past;

And now the second it is hastening fast,


And nought but darkness in the sons of men ;
Therefore the mysteries they do not see plain.
But the ninth hour when it did appear,

Mark well the shock that all the earth did bear:
Or else, remember what they then did see,
And then the ghost was given up by ME;
That is, my life I did for man resign.-
And now, O Satan, thou shalt know my mind:

For all thy friends thou'lt know them in three years,
From the new date that this did first appear;
And then the temple's veil from thee I'll rend,
And something new to thee I'll surely send;
Then Satan and Apollyon both will see

The anger of the Lord's inflam'd with thee.

So now my anger if thou'lt pacify,

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Consent to let my SEALED PEOPLE lie
In peace and safety, and not one molest:
For fatal vengeance our thy head is cast,
If e'er my Sealed People thou molest,
Or ever temptest them, then thy doom is cast;
Because my heated fury shall appear
Seven times hotter now, I tell thee here,
Than ever it was poured out on man;
Because their blood upon thy head shall come ;
And thou shalt find her GoD does not deceive;
I'll be a GOD to her as she believes;

And then her paper thou with grief wilt see;
Thy fatal end, Satan, will follow thee.
So now, I tell thee, 'tis high time to fear;
For thy destruction now is drawing near;
For thy own ruin now thou'rt bringing on.
And to the forty-sixth page now I'll come.
And they shall find Satan deceiv'd them all,
When out of Heaven he his host did call
For to stand out in words against their God;
He did deceive them all in what he said:
That he had power, as he said, supreme':
And now his power I have shewn in men.
And now in Daniel he may see it clear;
And from Belshazzar I shall answer here;
When he the gods of gold began to praise,
Of brass, of iron, and ador'd their ways,
And did begin to praise the wood and stone,
Then the hand-writing unto him was shewn,
That all his idol-gods must surely fall.
And his astrologers he then did call,
To give the meaning of my every hand,
But neither one the mysteries could command,
Until the Prophet Daniel did appear.
And now the mysteries I'll begin to clear;
The fallen gods of gold are now become
For to set up the honour of their king;
That is, of Satan, and the fallen host;
And of his praises they begin to boast,
And all his worship they have brought forth here.
Unto his gods the words I'll now compare;

For no more power is in Satan's hand,

Than the proud king could from his gods command,*
Which in his heart he did set up and praise,
And all joined with him—now behold my ways,
How the hand-writing instant did appear;
And now, like him, O Satan, thou must fear.
It was but shadows then brought to the king,
But now on Satan I'll the ruin bring.
For now the Prophet Daniel's words are come,
And Satan's gods of gold are now made known,
And my hand-writing doth to him appear;
He saw the hand, but could not make it clear,
What were the words that did him so reprove;
Nor could interpret how the Sprit mov'd;
The hand of God their blindness could not see,
Nor the hand-writing, how reprov'd was he.
But now a DANIEL shall to them appear,
And the hand-writing I will now make clear.
Thou hast seen the judgments all were past on man ;
When I did threaten, so their ruin came;
For out of Eden they were cast at first,
And on the World did the Deluge burst;
When I did threaten it, I did fulfil;
And in the deep I Pharaoh's heart did chill;
And Ahab's house I surely did cut off,
And Jezebel did feel my equal wrath:
Though she adorn'd herself for to tempt man,
But see her beauty, what it soon became :
Cast from her grandeur for the dogs to tear!
And now, O Satan! this shall make thee fear
To see my word I always kept with men ;
And where's the power that did escape my
When Sodom and Gomorrah did appear,
Against my angels they attempted there;
Then fire from heaven did them soon destroy;
But know, that Lot protection did enjoy;
Because the angels he went for to free,
So nought but men appeared unto he;
They being angels, Lot he did not know,
And to protect them did his kindness shew;
And now the same mankind have shew'd it here-
Nought but a woman doth to them appear,
In every manner perfect in her form;
But of her Spirit is to man unknown:
I tell you all, as much conceal'd from man,
As were the angels, that to Lot did come.
But now a mystery must to all appear:
Just like the angels came the woman here,

* Belshazzar.,


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