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That THOU no ends in this could have at all;
Unless from heaven thou judg'st the every call.
So man I'll prove that he is totally dead
To every knowledge that's before him laid,
And Satan he shall find the Words are true.
When I bring Man to Life, the fool shall know,
That he, like Man, is then pronounced dead,
And every knowledge then from him is fled:
And then he'll see the Truth for to appear,
His head is bruised by the Woman here ;
And Man is freed-and he receives his Curse
Above all living, must the fool confess :
And then he'll grieve to see that GOD IS TRUE
"And on my Head he now hath cast my doom”-
Or else, in agony, he may blaspheme,

And curse his God, and gnaw his tongue for pain,*
That he is conquer'd by the sons of men ;
To see the fatal die for him is cast,

The Woman conquer'd, and his doom must burst;
Because the Stone is cast upon his Head;
For here the stronger Tower it was laid:†
The Faith of others he did soon burn down;

He cut the Branches and did their Faith confound;
And to this fenced House he did appear;

But know, the Woman cast the mill-stone here;
That I did say was broken at that time,
When Campion's funeral did resemble mine ;§
For near together it did then appear.
And now this answer I give Satan here:
Guarded by soldiers now he'll surely be,
And share his dying fate as well as ME;
For to all knowledge I shall make him dead,
And now go backward; so the fool I lead. I
And to the fifty-fourth page appear:

Suppose thy strength should now deceive thee here,
And thou begin to find that GOD IS TRUE,

And, like his word, in all things now he'll do.
Wilt thou not tremble at the wrath of God,
Begin to Fear, and tremble at his Rod?
For now remember, thou hast been deceiv'd-
In all thy words to her, what thou'st believ'd;

That thou could'st conquer, and should make her fall;
Her death thou threaten'dst; see thy lies in all!
For she a living Witness now doth stand
Against thy lies, that dust thou may'st command,

• See Revelation, chap. 16. See Strange Effects of Faith, page 87.

+ Judges, chap. 9.

Alluding to the Fall.

For to creep on it, as she does appear
To be no corpse; so now must thou take care;
Because no mercy I to thee will shew,

If thou goest on to tempt my Chosen so.
For as the fifty-third page here is seen,

Thou hast mock'd thy God, and thou condemnʼst the Son;
And now to murder both thou dost appear;

For the Old Sheep thou murder'dst long before;
And now, I say, thou'rt come to the Ewe Lamb,
And here with murder was thy every plan,
By every threatening thou to her hast made;
And here thou'rt cast, the Stone is on thy Head;
Because the Woman was the Corner Stone,
Wherein I said Man's happiness should come,
And as his Helpmate she should so appear;
Then sure the Corner Stone it must be here;
And on thy head thou knowest it did fall.
I said, which e'er stood out should conquer all;
And know, O Satan, that she did stand out;
And of thy power she did surely doubt,
That it was not so great as thou didst boast :
And in her SAVIOUR then was all her Trust.
More than a hero she stood out for ME,

And more than woman, every soul shall sce;
With faith and courage she did sure stand out ;
The POWER of her GoD she did not doubt,
And of his FAITHFULNESS she did not fear;
And as her faith, she now shall conquer here;
Because she did stand out in Faith so strong,
When close upon her thou didst surely come.
Now on thy Head is fallen the Corner Stone:
For her last words to all must be made known—
Her hatred unto thee was very great;

And so I told thee that the end would break ;
But then, she told thee that her GOD was GOOD,
And in his LOVE and MERCY then she stood;
For his Protection she did seek to gain;

And know, O Satan, she hath not seek'd in vain;
For misery, she said, she did refuse;

But happiness, thou say'st, thou didst not choose.
For thy last words, O Satan, must appear :
God's Protection thou despisedst there,
As much as she thy favours did despise—
Here ends the Seven Days; let all be wise:
She told thee, great her hatred did appear,
Against such wretched Bring as thou wert:
But then she told thee, that her GOD WAS GOOD,
And thou wast Evil, must be understood.

And mark in print how this last page doth stand,
Wherein the Seven Days Dispute did end;
Three different manners doth the print appear,
And now three different answers shall men hear;
For in large Letters, plain for to behold,

You'll see the truth from what the woman told-
The GLORY of the LORD shall clear be seen
As perfect as the letters do appear

As different from the rest, you all shall see clear;
great you shall find the change to be;

I'll gain my footing here, you all shall sec ;
And GoD over all the Earth I'll now become-
Three different Prints, must unto all be known,
Do in this last Dispute with both appear;
I say the Woman, and the Devil there;
And so the same when I gave up the Ghost,
Three different LANGUAGES over my Head was plac'd,
Of Greek, and Latin, and of Hebrew too.
Now let them both be laid before your view;
For this I'm speaking to the sons of men;
And now's the time you all shall find mɛ KING.
So now rejoice, ye fallen sons of men ;
Because your standing I'll make more secure,
And much more firm for to endure;
Than ever it could be before you fell.*
For now's the time I'm come to conquer Hell.
So here's my Answer to the sons of men;
If Paradise was lost, you may regain,

If by the WOMAN you in Faith do stand,

And take the GOOD FRUIT from the Woman's Hand.
For now the Woman, I will answer here;
If from herself her works do all appear,
Then something more than Human is on earth,
For to bring in to MAN a second Birth!
And in this world there must be something new.
'Tis more than all the learned men could do,
To act like her, such mysteries to bring round;
More than a Woman! is in every sound;
And if she vainly boast 'tis from herself,

I say, her pride must equal that of hell,

The Reader will observe, that if Satan had never tempted Man to fall, Man would still be liable to his temptations, whenever he chose to begin, during the 6000 years; therefore infinite Wisdom permitted the Fall, and secured Man from eternal ruin, by preserving the Tree of Life from his reach, until the fulness of time came, when Man is again restored to the image and likeness of his Maker; secured from the power of Satan, who wilt be so bound and chained as to have no access to deceive Man any more. Then may he take of the Tree of Life and live! Can this all-wise and merciful plan originate from the weak brain of a simple Woman, or in any wisdom of Man, either natural or acquired?

And judge herself superior to this race,
And all the learned men she must disgrace.
For now I'll challenge,-none with her shall plead,
To say my Bible's true, and she's misled;
And all the learned world I will defy,
To prove their Bibles, and give her the lie,
To say my Spirit doth not lead her on;
Then she must be a WONDER born to man.
But if such boasting fool she did appear,
I'd drown her senses and send wise men here,
That they should soon confound her haughty pride.
But know, vain men, your wisdom all is tried;
For there's none that can confound her hand;
Because in FAITH she humbly now doth stand,
And doth confess the Spirit came from ME,
Or some Invisible, is said by she;

So to her Wisdom she hath ascribed none:
But fools, in folly, have their folly shewn,
To judge that Man, who is pronounced dead,
Could in such wondrous manner ever lead:
Then they in Wisdom must be all Divine,
And with their Maker must pretend to shine.
So now, vain fools, I'd have you to appear,
And lower your pride, or fully answer here,
That all such wondrous Mysteries you'd bring round;
Then soon I'd come and every sound confound,
So here are the different answers now for man,
To those who do deny her written hand;
That like the Serpent you must now appear,
To speak in lies that you can never clear:
And, like the Serpent, all your pride must fall,
Because your GOD you rob him now of all,
Of every honour due unto his name,
And so your pride I'll surely put to shame.
So here of Men you hear a different sound;
But now to Satan see the end is crown'd:
Because the Enmity see how it doth stand,
The Seventh Day, and now the whole command;
For there the Enmity in both is plac'd;
Satan against the Lord he doth confess;
And she against the Devil doth appear,
And boldly told him that she did hate him there.
Then back to the Creation you are come:
He kill'd the SHEEP but I preserved the LAMB;
Because MYSELF I was the LAMB that was slain;
But for my own Death I did not contend,
To bring my Murder then upon his head;
It is the Murder on my Followers laid!

The Martyr's blood upon his head shall fall :
The Death of Lewis must forewarn you all,
That Satan now must like the Roman fall;
For as he saith," He never will Repent,”
He'll find my anger and my mind is bent,
With every threatening he did come to thee,
With equal threatenings now I'll come on he.
But what I've answered is with him and Man ;
But now unto the purpose I whall come;
And all his words thou'lt read then unto ME,
And now I tell thee I shall answer thee:
For now the first, as thou hast read them here,
Is like the Serpent, when he did appear
In the Beginning. for to work on Man,
And there the Marriage of the Lamb did come.
Wisely thou answer'dst, Man was counted dead,
And so the Serpent, perfect as thou saidst.
But here's a folly thou didst not discern;
I did not then convince thee, at that time,
To see if man could ever find it out;
But thou'rt entangled, and thou now dost doubt
Of thy own judgment, that it is not clear:
Because three Marriages thou makest there,
Before thou say'st the Marriage of the Lamb;
So 'tis the fourth Marriage thou dost join;
For the first Marriage thou didst not discern,
It was an Union with your God to join;
The second Union was between the Two,
And Man and Woman were within my view,
That they in marriage then should be complete,
In happy Union, and in Blessings great.
So here the Union it stood at the first:
With God, with Man, the Union it did burst:
And then the second it did sure appear;
I gave the Woman to complete it there;
And then the Marriage did appear but one;
For I a Father to them both did come;
But then the Serpent he soon struck them dead ;*
As with the Woman he did intercede

To bring in Death, you say, upon the Man :
And there the Marriage of the Lamb did come ;
Because I said that I'd die in his room,

And make the Serpent tremble at his doom:

The Reader is requested to read with particular attention, and compare with Page 75 of the Dispute with the Powers of Darkness, where the Devil said, "by Marriage now abide;" for he imposed on Joanna, and called his fatal Divorce a Marriage which he produced between Man and Woman and their Maker; but Divine Love, at the same time, provided the remedy by the Marriage of the Lamb.

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