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As on his head the Woman cast the blame,
I instant told her I'd her HUSBAND come;
And over her in power I said I'd rule;
And so preserve the TREE of LIFE for all,
That in the end you all might live in ME,
When I fulfil the promise given to SHE.

So, as thou say'st, the third Marriage shall stand;
The first a Union was with GoD and Man,
That in my LIKENESS I said he should stand;
And so my LIKENESS I did join in Two;
The Man and Woman they were joined so;
The Man was One, and soon became as Two:
Then know, as Man I surely did appear,
When I did die, the guilt of Man to clear;
Because the Woman's Ignorance was betray'd,
And perfect so the Serpent now did lead;
That as a Husband he did sure become,
And said to Marriage he would hold thy hand;
And thou for want of judgment didst not see,*
Satan was never nam'd a Husband once to be.
Then how the fool could he the marriage claim?
And to his words to marriage now I'll bind:
I said, a whoring they went all from Mɛ,
When unto Satan they were wandering free;
And nought but bastards did their children call,
Because strange gods had drawn the hearts of all,
That they as bondsmen surely did appear:
But know, a bastard never was an Heir;
Though Satan's arts had thousands so ensnar'd,
That all a whoring they went from their God.
But now the fool shall tremble at my rod;
Because a Husband he cannot assume,
And now the fool shall tremble at his doom.
For now to Marriage every soul I'll bind-
And, Satan, where's thy Altar now to find?
Produce thy License; who thy Banns will call?
Produce thy Ring for to encircle all;

And now thy Marriage Deeds, let them appear;
I ask thee, how a Husband thou canst clear
That thou wast ever to the sons of men?
Or where's the Woman thou'st put on the Ring?
Or where's the Priest that did the Marriage join?
The roving heart is an adulterous mind,
That I pronounc'd was whoring from their God,
And so the Harlots they are public shew'd,
That they are prostitutes to men become;
But where's the Marriage doth the Harlots join?
• Ses the bottom of the preceding page.

No, if they're married, then they are made free,
If they no longer live in adultery.

So 'tis not Sin that Marriage can proclaim;
Because that Marriage bears the sacred name;
(But nothing sacred, Satan, is in thee;

So by thy own Bonds bound thou now shalt be.)
For that's the way I made the Bonds at first;
And that's the way I said the Heirs must burst.
So now a Husband wilt thou dare assume?
Then now I'll make thee tremble at thy doom.
And bring thy sacred altar; tell ME where
That as a Husband thou didst once appear?
Bring Me the priest that ever join'd thy hand:
I tell thee MARRIAGE was design'd for man.
But make the Crosses,* see how all do stand,
In every page where Satan threaten'd there,
And all these Crosses shall on him appear;
For on his head his threatenings all shall fall.
The fourteenth page the Crosses do appear;
And like the fourteenth page my words he'll hear.
So if in pieces I do tear the fool,

He now shall know he brought it on himself.
So, if his Back be Brass, he can appear,
And made of Iron that he doth not fear
For to contend so boldly with his God:
He now shall find and feel my iron rod,
If he is come my Subjects to compel,
And boldly triumph of his host in hell.
Then now, his hellish host, they may appear
And meet their awful JUDGE now in the air,
And see if they can be match for heaven.
For now the Challenge is by Satan given;
As in the fifteenth page it doth appear;

And the mad fool shall know my Power's there;
For he shall know that I have seal'd his doom;
And now his matchless power, let it be known;
For there I tell him, his proud waves are stay'd.
When I the Earth a strong foundation laid,
I plac'd for man a double flaming sword;
And now I'll use it perfect like my word:
For every way I've sav'd the TREE OF LIFE;
And now I'll use the sword to end the strife.
The Breath of LIFE in Man I sure did breathe;
And Man shall find I will not him deceive.

But as the Devil saith that I'm unjust;
Then like his faith I bid him now to trust;

If they no mercy ever found in ME,
Then now they never shall, they all shall see.

The Reader will see the reason of the Crosses in a subsequent page.

So now their power let it to appear,
And meet their awful JUDGE now in the air,
Whose just displeasure they have now provok'd;
And now I bid them fear the coming stroke:
And then their power they'll begin to see,
The limits of their space were given by ME:
And that their boasting I shall soon destroy,
And then their w sdom let them all enjoy.
As in the seventeenth page it do'h appear,
I'll now go on, till I the whole do clear.
And to the eighteenth page I now shall come:
There stands the Cross, and so it shall fall on them;
For as he said the fish did jump on thee,

I tell him now, it so shall fall on he;
So now the fool I'd have him to take care,
If he is hardened now he'th all to fear;
For to my word he'll find that I will stand.
I want not armies now for to command,
But want to see if he's a King supreme,
And by his power can all my subjects gain;
But to attempt it now, I say they dare-
The twentieth page, like him, I'll answer here:
Unto men's peril let them join him here;
For all his Votes must meet him in the air;
For there, I tell you all, will be the sight,
And you, my Friends, below will see the fight;
And then with pleasure you may stand and gaze,
And we're lost in wonder and amaze,

To see our God stand out a Man of War,
And all his heavenly armies to appear!
For as the Shadow unto thee was seen,
I tell thee plain the Substance will begin;
Shot after shot, I tell thee, fast will fly,
And fiery serpents be seen in the sky:
And for a Type my Thunder it doth stand;
Flashes of lightning are seen in your
And so the lightning will to all appear,
And rolling thunder bursting in the air:
With great confusion fast it will be hurl'd,
Wave after wave, and world confus'd with world.
For as the Vision it did first appear,†

I tell thee plain, the End will be seen clear;
For all the swords will be seen in the sky,
And fast the shot on every side will fly.
So Satan thou hast challeng'd for a War,
Mark, how the twenty-second page appears;
For in thy own words I shall answer here:

* See Dispute with the Powers of Darkness, page 96.
+ See Strange Effects of Faith, page 29.


If thoù art a devil, so thou say'st thou'lt be,
And in like manner, now I'll answer thee:
As in my ways thou say'st I've been unjust,
Then now I tell thee perfect so't shall burst;
In fury on thee I will now appear;
And unto Man my justice I shall clear,
Who doth confess that JUSTICE is in GOD;
And unto Man my Justice shall be show'd.
But as the fallen angels all agree,
To say that God is nought but cruelty,
And with their Leader they do all combine,
To say in wisdom brightest he doth shine,
In words, in merit, and in every praise,
And altogether they adore his ways;
Then all together they with him shall go;
Ingratitude shall all its vengeante know:
The worst of witchcraft it doth now appear,
When I have tried his reign Five Thousand Years,
And now Eight Hundred added to the Sixth ;
Then now he'll find that my Decrees are fix'd.
For as the Cross for him it doth appear,
Drawn with the Circle, so I tell thee here,
In all thy words I have so encircled thee,
And now, O Satan, thou thy ruin see;
For on thy head the threatenings they shall fall,
And like the King I'll act, I tell you all,
That made the man his poisonous coat to wear,"
That he had brought the king to poison there;
So on the man he did his guilt turn back,
And perfect so shall Satan feel the rack;
For his low cunning arts I all despise;
And all thy ways are now before mine eyes;
For as thou say'st that God is now unjust,
And all thy fury doth against ME burst;
Then all my fury thou shalt surely see--
Prepare for battle, meet thy match in ME!
If thou dost judge thou hast a powerful hand,
Call forth thy legions, and the challenge stand,
To meet thy awful JUDGE now in the air.
I ask what armies there need to appear
One single woman's life for to destroy?
And see what brittle thread man's life enjoys
And if that brittle thread of life be cut,
There need no armies for to make it break.
So all thy hellish host thou call'st in vain,
And thy destruction now thou'lt surely gain;

A poisoned Coat that was made for a King, which, when on, the warinth of the body caused the poison to infuse its banetul effects. This Prince, being secretly apprized of the plot, desired the man to put it on himself, to see how it looked. This the person endeavoured to avoid; the king insisted on being obeyed; and in a short time he felt its effects, and expired.

Before the Woman thou'st begun to fall:
And now, O Satan, I do tell all,
you •
Thy powerful reign make hast for to prepare,
As in the twenty-ninth page it is here.

No more for honour I'll contend with thee,
But in thy weapon now cut down thou❜lt be;
Because of honour in thee there is none;
No love, no pity, or mercy hast thou shown;
And now of mercy I'll show none to thee,
Bring in thy bill; and all thy debts now pay;
And now I tell thee I will sure pay mine:
The Curse I did pronounce thou now shalt find;
For all thy Legs I now shall take away↑—
I ask thee how thou'lt stand the Judgment Day,
When I in thunder do to thee appear,

And show the murders thou'st committed here,
And show what traitor thou hast been to man?
For like a thief, in ambush, is thy plan;
Because the thief in ambush thou dost prepare;
And now thou'lt find the gallows it is near,
That thou so often didst prepare for man.
To rob and murder was thy every plan:
But yet of man thou daily dost complain!
I tell thee now I'll try the sons of men;
For all thy power now I'll take away-
If I'm unjust, Satan, it shall be to thee:
Because my Justice thou'st allow'd there's none;
Then now I tell thee, it shall not be shown,
For any justice now to come to thee;
What thou call'st Justice can't agree with ME.
But to my JUSTICE justly thou art cast,
And now I'll come to be thy JUDGE at last:
That I in RIGHTEOUSNESS may surely sit,
When I pronounce on sinners then their fate,
That to eternity it must endure,

Firm as the Heavens, and never alter more.
Then clear in Judgment I will sure begin;
And now, without thy arts, I will try Man;
And then in Justice I'll to Man appear;
If all the Fault be thine, the Fault thou'lt bear:
But as thou say'st," the Fault is so in Men;
""Tis their own hearts that first enticed them."
Then now the TRUTH of this I'll surely know;
To prove the Truth I'll chain thee down below;
And then a JUDGE of MAN I'll surely be,
Whether the fault do lie in Man or thee.
But as to Man, his ways I sure do blame;
I gave him Reason, to exert the same;

His whole hast. ↑ See Genesis, iii. 14. Upon thy belly shalt thou go, &c.

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