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Now, Joanna, thee I'll answer-
Satan's followers will pursue;
But I'll make them know thy Master;
Like the chapters all will do.*
The one thou seest stand out for ME,
With resolution strong;

The prayers of saints I know will be
Unto my Kingdom confe.
For hasty here will all appear;
My work is all in haste.

The Sealed Number first I'll clear,
And then my foes shall taste
The threatenings there that will appear,
And fast is hastening on :
You little think the day's so near,

That all these things will come.

I have begun with seven men,
As I began at first,

When I began in seven days,

And form'd him from the dust;
A helpmate there for him appear'd,
And so it must go on.

But now I'll answer Satan here,

And then I'll answer man.

Did he begin for to condemn,

That I was not thy God? †
Then to his word I bid him stand,
And tremble at his rod.

Did he declare his spirit there

To be a whit like thine?
For so I bid him to appear,
And own my power divine:
My favours seek, in tears to weep,
As thou hast always done;
The practice of his hellish arts,
Like thee, I bid him shun,
And prove it so; then he may go
Where'er his mind doth lead;

If he'll hate sin, as thou hast done,
Repent of all he said;

And bring a mind, like thee, to find
The ways of sin to hate;
Confess me God, and fear my rod,
He'll find my MERCY'S GREAT!
So now like thee let Satan be,
And he shall never fall ;

• Mal. v. 16. 17. Rev. viii. 3, 4. Matt. xviii.

+ Page 6, Dispute between the Woman and the Powers of Darkness. The reader is desired to refer to the pages alluded to in that book.

His past offences I'll forgive,
And bring in peace for all;
But if he'll not, I'll tell his lot;
My threatenings shall appear:
My anger, if he mind it not,
My vengeance he shall bear.
Did I come down from heaven's high throne,
And make a world below?
Out of confusion all was made;

The Earth you do not know,
In what disorder all was found,
And darkness did appear:
I say there was no solid ground,
But all a chaos here.

But this to men I'll now explain,
As thou dost not understand:
But near unto thy sister's house,*
Thou may'st the whole command.
A likeness there doth so appear,

Thou know'st the ground doth shake;
And so did all the globe appear,
When I began to take

The cause in hand, and formed man,
Out of the native dust;

Then solid ground I made the land;
And Earth in order plac'd.
The grass to grow, you all shall know,
Was quickly form'd by me;
Then I created living beasts,
And form'd the lofty trees.
As men began to multiply,
Their talents I improv❜d;
And so I made the raging sea,
And bounds I set of love.
The dry land here that doth appear
Must perish with its drought,
If I the clouds had not prepar'd
To come from heaven's height
The sea to draw, you all shall know,
To wet the barren ground:

For barren soon must be all below

If that no rain was found.

For all shall see the rain's from ME;

And when I don't appear,

Your scorching fields you soon do see,

How all do wither here.

A piece of ground at the foot of a hill, near a spring of water, which was

called a soddy place, or bog.-When any person puts his foot upon the edge, the whole ground shakes for a quarter of an acre.


In wet weather it is not

So barren ground to man was found,
When I kept back my rain;
A famine in the land was found-
Be wise, ye sons of men;
Survey, survey your every land,
And see how all do grow;

Without my rain there's none can stand;
The scorching sun, you know,
Would soon burn up your every hope,
And barren ground appear.
The pride of men must surely drop,
If Satan conquers here.

I ask, what earth can he bring forth,
With all his boasted pride?

For the foundation of the earth
By ME was surely laid;

The foaming billows I did place,
And they their bounds do know;
But soon they must destroy this earth,
If I their bounds let go.

For in my hand they all do stand,
And I've set bounds for all;
And the proud waves I can command,
That backward they must fall.

Wave after wave do often come,

And the rude seas appear; But 'tis by my powerful hand That they the shore do fear; Because my bounds to them are found, They can no further go; And perfect so shall hell be bound,

And that they all shall know.

Wave after wave may hasten on,
Like raging seas appear;
But know, the shore is fix'd for MAN,
And the proud Tyrant there
Must surely stop his every hope,
I made a shore for MAN:
And by the raging of the seas,

I've show'd you Satan's plan;
How he will swell in rage from hell,
But shall not break the tide;
Like foaming billows he will swell,
Like angry seas applied.

So now see plain, ye sons of men,
What lies before your view-
Can the proud seas your lives contain,
If I their bounds let go?

Can they keep up your every hope,
If I destroy the land?

Without my rain can you contain?
Be wise, and understand,
There's not a thing on earth is seen
But I created all;

And if I do give up my reign,
Just like the seas must fall.
Then how can ye preserved be,
What pleasures are there there ?
No more from Satan can there be
Than in the seas appear.

No corn nor wine you there can find,
No solid place of rest;

I form'd the seas, I form'd the land, To show how both were plac'd. The rain's from ME, you all

Survey your every land;

may see,

The cedars and the lofty trees
Were planted by my hand;
Your gardens and your gallant walks
Were surely plac'd by ME;
Talents I have given to men,

That all improv'd might be.

There's not a worm on earth below,
But I did create at first;

There is no wisdom men can show,
But all from ME doth burst.
So now see clear, my hand is here;
Survey this earthly ground;
If ought like Satan doth appear,
It must in the seas be found:
That is to swell in rage from hell,
Like angry seas applied;
Like foaming billows he doth swell,
That's rolling like the tide ;
Unto the shore he would appear
To show his raging pride.
But now see plain, ye sons of men,
His power can be no more
Than is the raging of the seas,
If you stand safe on shore:
But if you come to vote for him,
Then launch into the deep:
And if you footing there can find,
Then Satan's kingdom keep."

AnAnswer to what is written in the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Pages: Satan's Friend having said, they were cast out of Heaven for being of a cheerful spirit.-Answered by the LORD in the following manner:

"Thou lying fool, before thy God appear,
And boldly answer, if I cast thee there
To have a spirit ever like my Son?

For here's the likeness thou dost now condemn.
Proud Lucifer, I tell thee 'twas not so;
And of thy lies I'll make thee feel and know:
For no such reason did I cast thee there,
But for thy pride and envy thou show'dst here;*
When I familiar with thee did begin,

Then too much freedom instantly was seen;
Above thy MAKER thou didst then appear,

And swell'd with pride, thou could'st not conquer there.
The heavenly host, thou soon didst draw away,
And all my angels thou thoughtest to betray:
And so thou thought'st to sit supreme, a king
Above thy God, and didst comdemn my Son,
As one inferior to thy haughty pride:
And to the woman thou hast all belied.
Like Jezebel, did all thy ways appear,§
Who stole the Seal, the angels to ensnare;
And then my Son thou thought'st to steal on high,
And make the rebel angels him defy.
Like Naboth's vineyard was thy every claim,
And sons of Belial with thee thou didst gain,
To steal my vineyard, and claim all thy own;
And that's the way I did them all unthrone;
And that's the way from heaven thou wast cast,
Because, like Jezebel, thy rage did burst,
That thou could'st not unthrone my only Son,
That, like myself, in Spirit both was one.
But, further on, I'll show thee now the way,
How all thy hellish arts in heaven did lie;
And then I'll tell thee why I rais'd thee up,
And now I'll tell thee why I'll make thee drop.
As nought but lies in thee did first appear,
And nought but lies, I say, thou'st spoken here:
And from thy mouth I now condemn thee there.

* He had the same pride and mischief in heaven, which is proved by his con

duct on earth.

Forged lies when in heaven, to delude the angels to forsake their God.

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