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The 30th Day of January, 1803.

The following communication was given to JOANNA, in answer to three ladies, and four gentlemen, who came to persuade her that no prophecies could be given to a woman for the fulfilment of the bible. And they said, they thought that the happiness of man would never be completed here on earth.. These words were given to


"Let them answer the following questions

The earth was formed, and man was made in the likeness of his Maker, to be lord of the creation; the woman was taken from the man to complete his happiness; as I said, it was not good for the man to be alone, and made the woman for his helpmate; and by her casting the fault on the serpent, his curse was pronounced to be above every living creature. Now let the learned answer this question, How is this to be done? The tree of know edge was of good and evil,The knowledge of God, and the knowledge of the Devil. Now, if they say the woman brought them to the knowledge of the devil, which is the evil, and never brings them to the knowledge of the GOOD, which is the Lord; let them tell, how it was not good for the man to be alone? or how I came to do the will of Gon, if I do not make the woman what my Father designed her for? Will they answer, it was done by my Mother's bringing ME into the world? Then tell me how that happiness was completed, and prove it is done? Let them tell what the prophet meant by the barren womb being made a joyful mother of chil

dren; and what I meant by saying, the time
should come, that they should say, "Blessed is
the barren womb that never bore, and the paps
which never gave suck?" Or what the apostle
meant by saying, "that the married woman is in
bondage to her husband; but the single woman
is to the Lord ?" And what he meant by saying
"when the fulness of the time was come, GoD
sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under
the law, to redeem them that were under the
law?" Now, if they answer, it meant my being
born of a woman, at my coming in the body; let
them tell me, who is redeemed that was under the
law? For the Jews were under the law of God;
and will they prove they are redeemed?" What
fulness of time was then come? What woman
hath ever appeared clothed with the Sun of
Righteousness, that hath been a wonder to man-
kind? Who ever professed to man, that she was
to claim a promise of GOD to tread down Satan
under her feet? Or, where is the woman that
they can bring, who is ready to declare unto all
men, her LORD is preparing to return, and visit
the world in power and splendour, to fulfil all that
the prophets prophesied of him: and that she is
ready to bear the testimony of him by the truths
which the SPIRIT hath told her-that the Spirit
of JESUS is come to visit her, to enlighten all men,
and to reconcile the world unto Gop; and that
she is to invite them in my stead; as my SPIRIT
is come to the Bride; so whosoever will may take
of the water of life freely? Let them tell what the
water of life means; and what the tree of life means,
that the leaves thereof are for the healing of the
nations; and whether the nations were ever yet
healed? Let them tell what Spirit informed thee,
in 1792, of all the things which have already come.
to pass? viz. The war, the dearth, the distresses of

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nations, the fever in America, the rebellion in Ireland, the deceit of Holland, the conquest of Italy by the French, every bad harvest foretold the year before they came, and every leading event which has happened for eleven years past; the conduct of the shepherds (or clergy) foretold, and the threatenings pronounced against them. If I had not known what was in them, how could I say, I well might weep, to see my sheep such careless shepherds have, if I had not known they would be weighed in the balance, and would be found wanting? Now, let them tell, who knoweth the heart of man, but he that made and formed it ?"

The Methodists, and all the self-righteous, I was foretold, would act perfectly like the selfrighteous Jews; and they have acted exactly as foretold.

"The Jews said they were the seed of Abraham, and there they trusted for their salvation; the self-righteous say they are saved by being in CHRIST, without having my Spirit. This I foretold thee; and this is now fulfilled. Therefore, I said I would choose their reprobates, to judge thy written hand; and that sentence is now passed by them on the Jury. So let them that boast of wisdom now shew their wisdom, and answer all these scriptures, which I have mentioned; and tell what Spirit foretold thee all the truths in thy writings, which have already come to pass; and the others they will find are hastening on.


this be answered by the learned, and I will answer thee again and let them tell what death Adam died when he eat the forbidden fruit. For now they shall find I have a controversy with my people, and I will plead with them, in the SPIRIT, by THEE."

A communication given to Joanna, June 13th, 1797, in answer to Mr. Woolland (at whose house Joanna lodged) and a Mrs. Minifie, disputing about having a peace at the end of that month; Mr. Woolland saying it would be so.

"Now Joanna this I'll clear:

Wondrous news may sure come here,
When that

does return.

On the seas, I say, I am;
Seas of sorrow do abound;
Every nation compass'd round,
Full of sorrow and of sin.
Now to reason I'll begin.

I have dipt my sword in blood;
Where's the man that knows his God?
Or these fatal days discern?
Judge if I should alter one?
In thy heart thou answerest, no;
Then what swords shall I let go,
If the Spirit's sword don't fight,
For to make you sons of light?
Still my glittering sword must fly,
Till the rebels do comply.
Have I drawn the sword in vain?
Shall I sheath it up again,
And my work left now half done?
No! I say, I will go on:

I to conquer have begun :

The Pope his pardon bought of man.
If his life that he would save:
Sure his money he did give.*

Lewis he hath lost his crown;

Holland in that state is found;

Every Nation is perplex'd.

Now, I'll tell thee what comes next:

If I stop the raging war,

See my bible and be clear;

From the Gospel draw your sword;
Sound the coming of your LORD;
Let my thunder sound that way;
For my wheels shall not delay;
Perfect as the crown doth stand,
Now's the sceptre in my hand.

This alludes to a bargain between the Pope and the French at their entry into Rome about this time.

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That my CROWN may surely stand;
And my BIBLE now command.
Let his forehead be like thine,
See the truth and make it shine.
I will make his face like brass:
Who shall now the man disgrace,
That so wisely did appear

To judge from whence thy writings were?
Then now to challenge he may come;

His armour-bearer must be known;

For when Taylor doth appear,
I'll prove his armour-bearer's here.
In the balance they were weigh'd.
Over-balanc'd by thy head;
And they were not wanting there:
Soon the mysteries I shall clear."

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