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THE following pages owe their origin to two papers read before the ST. ALBAN'S ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY, at their Meetings held at St. Alban's in the months of February and June of this present year, 1846. These papers were composed solely with the view to illustrate the series of examples of monumental brasses and slabs exhibited on those occasions, and consequently without any idea of publication. In deference, however, to the opinion expressed by several members of the above-named Society, as well as by other friends, it was subsequently decided that the substance of these papers, with certain additions, corrections, and illustrations, should form the present volume".

In carrying into effect this decision, the principle uniformly acted upon has been to produce a manual of elementary information, exclusively devoted to this one class of our national monumental memorials: and that, less with the view to add to the information already acquired by the careful student of this valuable page in the annals of the past, than to reduce the prevalent amusement of brass-rubbing into something of a system, and thus to enhance its interest as a pursuit, by pointing out and endeavouring to elucidate its utility and importance as a study.

Accordingly, the more prominent features in armour, costume, canopies, inscriptions, heraldic insignia, &c., usually depicted in brasses, together with the general characteristics of the several classes into which these incised monuments may naturally be

A third paper on the same subject was also read at another Meeting of the St. Alban's Architectural Society, after the

publication of its predecessors had been determined upon: the contents of this third paper are incorporated in these pages.

divided, have been described at length. Detailed descriptions of certain examples have also been given; with the twofold purpose, that the complete explanation of their peculiar merits may both enhance the estimation in which these examples themselves are held, and at the same time lead to a general habit of minute and critical examination into such other specimens, as may fall more particularly under the notice of different individuals. The original form of composition has been retained, as appearing the better adapted to the subject under consideration. Occasional references have been made to sculptured monuments, when such additional illustration was found requisite. The Illustrations will, it is hoped, be found sufficiently numerous to exemplify the several passages with which they are placed in connection; and also to form a small series of faithful delineations, so selected that each specimen should either appear to be a type of a class, or in itself possess some points of special interest ". Such technical terms as occur, when first used are printed in Italic characters, and then they are for the most part fully explained: to these explanatory passages reference is made in the concise Glossary appended to the volume; or, as in some cases it appeared to be more expedient, an explanation of the terms is introduced into the Glossary itself. In this Glossary, however, it must be understood that terms strictly architectural and heraldic are not included. At the end of the volume will also be found a classified list of some choice specimens of brasses :-a table of the contractions and abbreviations which occur in inscriptions :—and a notice of some

Many of the Illustrations represent only parts of entire figures, or compartments of large compositions.

The Author greatly regrets that, in consequence of an error of his own, the cuts of the bascinet of Lord Camoys at p. 49,

and of the head-dress of Lady Burton at p. 85, should have been incorrectly engraved he has added accurate engravings of the whole figures depicted in these fine and interesting brasses.


For this most valuable portion of the

German slabs in low relief; together with Indices, Chronological and Topographical, of the several examples to which reference is made in the text and notes, and also an Index of the Shields of Arms which are there emblazoned.

Besides original MSS. and Illuminations, and the Brasses and Slabs themselves, among the authorities which have been consulted it may be sufficient to specify the volumes of the Archæologia and Monumenta Vetusta: Gough's Monuments: Waller's and Cotman's Brasses: the Monumental Effigies of Stothard, Blore, and Hollis: Sir S. Meyrick's Treatises on Arms and Armour: Strutt's, Shawe's, Planche's, and Fairholt's works on Dresses and Decorations: the Gentleman's Magazine: the Archæological Journal: Fosbroke's Encyclopedia of Antiquities: the Oxford Glossary: Hartshorne's Sepulchral Monuments: Bloxam's Glimpse at Monumental Architecture: Markland's Remarks on English Churches: Lysons' Magna Britannia: Dugdale's Warwickshire Dallaway's Sussex: Addington's Dorchester; and various other works on county or local topography and antiquities. To the Committee of the Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, for their courteous liberality in placing at his disposal eleven engravings on wood, the Author tenders his grateful acknowledgments; he desires also to thank, for their most valuable advice and assistance, Albert Way, Esq.: Dawson Turner, Esq.: Rev. G. Proctor, D.D.: Rev. W. D. Willis, Prebendary of Wells: W. H. Blaauw, Esq.: L. A. B. Waller, Esq.: J. H. Parker, Esq. Rev. W. Drake: Rev. H. Addington: Rev. Dr.

Appendix, the result of laborious and comprehensive research, the Author is indebted to the liberal kindness of the Rev. Dr. Jacob which gentleman has in a state of great forwardness a Glossary of Terms, explanatory of medieval antiquities and



d The Illustrations to this notice are drawn from a very admirable continental work, entitled Costume du Moyen Age Chretien, by M. de Hefner, and published at Mannheim.

Jacob: A. W. Franks, Esq.: Raphael Brandon, Esq.: J. Arthur Brandon, Esq.: G. P. R. Minty, Esq.: M. H. Bloxam, Esq.; Mr. Richardson of Greenwich, and other friends .

Communications for the Author may be addressed to the care of the Publisher, Mr. Bell, 186, Fleet Street, London. C. B.

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