Toward Conformity to the Image of Christ: A Biblical Pattern of Spiritual Formation

Faith Publications, 2004 - 339 pages
This two-volume work under the title, Toward Conformity to the Image of Christ, was initially prepared for upper division college students preparing for some branch of ministry. Volume One is subtitled, A Biblical Pattern of Spiritual Formation. God's moral nature is the perfect pattern, the human personality is the place for the pattern, and the problem of sin shatters the pattern. Volume Two is subtitled, A Biblical Product of Spiritual Formation. It shows that Spiritual Formation is the product of both the work of the Holy Spirit and of individual believers to develop personal character that resembles that of Jesus. After answering a variety of questions and objections, then the product is put to use in living out the Christian life in day to day activities. College religion faculty, pastors, evangelists, Youth Ministers, Church musicians, Christian Education Specialists, etc. would be interested in the books.

Table des matières

The Holiness of People Gods Ideal
The Human Psyche and Persona The Patterns Place
Key Bases of Behavior An Assessment
Holiness Needed The Tattered Pattern
Sins Effects on the Personality a Travesty
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