A Tour Thro' the Whole Island of Great Britain: Divided Into Circuits Or Journies. Containing, I. A Description of the Principal Cities ... By a Gentleman

D. Browne, T. Osborne, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, A. Millar, J. Buckland, J. Rivington, S. Crowder and Company W. Johnston, T. Longman, T. Lowdes, B. Law and Company T. Caslon, and G. Kearsly, 1761
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Page 271 - Performed in the compass of a few Years, Sufficient to adorn the Annals of Ages. The Admiration of other Nations Will be conveyed to latest posterity In the Histories even of the Enemies of BRITAIN.
Page 267 - Pique, by Jealousy, He returned with speed to the MAES. He returned, and Fortune and Victory returned with Him. LIEGE was relieved: HUY retaken. The FRENCH, who had pressed the Army of the STATES GENERAL with superior Numbers, retired behind Intrenchments which they deemed impregnable.
Page 270 - Intrenchments, waited to molest, nor presumed to offer Battle. Even This was not attempted by them with Impunity. On the last Day of August 1709, the Duke attacked them in their Camp.
Page 269 - Marlborough passed the River in their sight. He defeated their whole Army. The Approach of Night concealed, The Proximity of Ghent favoured their Flight. They neglected nothing to repair their Loss, to defend their frontier.
Page 268 - Intrenchments with inconsiderable loss, on the seventh day of July, 1705. He defeated a great Part of the Army which defended them. The rest escaped by a precipitate Retreat.
Page 267 - With the other, the Duke gave Battle to the united strength of France and Bavaria. On the second day of August, one thousand seven hundred and four. He gained a ' more glorious Victory than the Histories of any Age can boast. The heaps of slain were dreadful Proofs of his Valour ; a Marshal of France, whole Legions of French, his Prisoners, proclaimed his Mercy.
Page 267 - Treves, Traerbach, were taken. In the course of one Campaign, the very Nature of the War was changed.' The Invaders of other States were reduced to defend their own. The Frontier of France was exposed in its weakest Part to the Efforts of the Allies.
Page 224 - Sir Thomas Gresham: who, by the honourable profession of a merchant, having enriched himself and his country for carrying on the commerce of the world, built the Royal Exchange.
Page 269 - To cover what they had gained by surprise, or had been yielded to them by treachery, the French marched to the banks of the Schelde. At their head were the Princes of the blood, and their most fortunate -general, the Duke of Vendosme.
Page 270 - MONS. Near this City, the French Army, covered by thick Woods, defended by treble Intrenchments, waited to molest, nor presumed to offer Battle.

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