Breaking Through Poverty with a Spiritual Heart: A Biblical Understanding of Ourselves

Yorkshire Publishing, 26 sept. 2018 - 288 pages

This book will show you that even in the worst of times or the best of times, poverty is not just a physical thing, it is also a mental and spiritual warfare to those who fail to do God's will in their lives. It shows how the average Christian will try to run away from doing God's will, only to fulfill they're own lust and desires. The book details the life and background of a poor and poverty stricken family. The life they lived, the struggles they had, and the people that despised them. The book then focuses on the life of one family member who is found to be different from the others. Isaac describes how God speaks to him through dreams and visions at an early stage in his life. These dreams and visions gave hope to a better future life, far from the one he was currently living.

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À propos de l'auteur (2018)

Dr. O'Quin currently lives in Washington State where he continues to Pastor, teach, counsel, and do speaking engagements when called on by other churches.

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