Overcoming Racism Through the Gospel

Xulon Press, 2007 - 444 pages

Overcoming Racism. is a uniquely-inspired, educational journey that enlightens the reader in understanding the reasoning for racial hatred and how destructive it has been for humanity. Expect to see things from a new perspective, and lessons that have not been taught. Truth is the key element of the word of God, and spares no individual of shortcomings while encouraging everyone to make personal changes for the better. Racism exists to the extent that it does today because the church has abdicated its position as the only earthly representative of the Kingdom of Heaven authorized by God to provide the real examples of love, unity and fellowship. Many will take offense with the contents of this book as the strongholds are challenged, but many will find healing and restoration. Before racial hatred can be effectively challenged, it first must be understood and recognized as the spiritual cancer that it is. Dr. Melvin L. Johnson has a bachelor's degree in Religious Education, a Master's in Christian Counseling, and a Doctor of Ministry in Theology from Covington Theological Seminary of Rossville, GA. He serves as pastor of the Heart of Christ Community Church in Brazoria, Texas. He was born in the mid-fifties, and grew up in the small southern Texas town of Brazoria during the time when the civil rights movement was at its greatest height, and African American children in the United States represented a future of hope and achievement. At the age of ten, he began the quest for equality by pursuing to join the then segregated Little League Association. Forty years later he identifies and challenges America's institutions, ideologies and individuals who benefit from racial hatred even today. For him, the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ has provided the courage to challenge the most formidable forces of resistance.


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Racism Vs The Gospel
My Great Awakening
Historical View of racism
The Source of Racial Hatred
The Jesus Factor
The Priorities of the New Life
The Spirit of Adoption
The Graglia Factor
Confronting the Evolutionary Faith
Physiological Effects Through SelfAffliction
Conquest of the Black Church
Political Capital
Klanned Parenthood
Understanding the RaceCult Factor
What Must Be Done?
Let the Church Awaken

The Culture of Faithless Faith
The Foundation for Modern Racism
Brazoria Revisited
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