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The Author, by a lucky Accident, finds Means to leave BLEFUSCU; and, after fome Difficulties, returns fafe to his Native Country.

HREE Days after my Arrival, walking out of Curiofity to the NorthEast Coast of the Ifland; I obferved, about half a League off, in the Sea, fomewhat that looked like a

Boat overturned: I pulled off my Shoes and Stockings, and wading two or three hundred Yards, I found the Object to approach nearer by Force of the Tide; and then plainly faw it to be a real Boat, which I fuppofed might, by fome Tempeft, have been driven from a Ship. Whereupon I returned immediately towards the Ĉity, and defired his Imperial Majefty to lend me twenty of the talleft Veffels he had left after the Lofs of his Fleet, and three thousand Seamen under the Command of his Vice-Admiral. This Fleet failed round, while I went back the shortest Way to the Coaft, where I first discovered the Boat; I found the Tide had driven it ftill nearer; the Seamen were all provided with Cordage, which I had beforehand

beforehand twisted to a fufficient Strength. When the Ships came up, I ftript myself, and waded until I came within an hundred Yards of the Boat; after which I was forced to fwim until I got up to it. The Seamen threw me the End of the Cord, which I faftened to a Hole in the fore-part of the Boat, and the other End to a Man of War: But I found all my Labour to little Purpofe; for being out of my Depth, I was not able to work. In this Neceffity, I was forced to fwim behind, and push the Boat forwards as often as I could, with one of my Hands; and the Tide favouring me, I advanced fo far, that I could just hold up my Chin and feel the Ground. I refted two or three Minutes, and then gave the Boat another Shove, and fo on, until the Sea was no higher than my Arm-pits. And now the most laborious Part being over, I took out my other Cables which were ftowed in one of the Ships, and fastening them firft to the Boat, and then to nine of the Veffels which attended me; the Wind being favourable, the Seamen towed, and I fhoved until we arrived within forty Yards of the Shore; and waiting until the Tide was cut, I got dry to the Boat, and by the Affiftance of two thoufand Men, with Ropes and Engines, I made a Shift to turn it on its Bottom, and found it was but little damaged.

I SHALL not trouble the Reader with the Difficulties I was under by the Help of certain Paddles, which coft me ten Days making, to get my Boat to the Royal Port of Blefufcu; where a mighty Concourfe of People appeared upon my Arrival, full of Wonder at the Sight of fo prodigious a Veffel. I told the Emperor, that my good Fortune had thrown this Boat in my Way, to carry me to fome Place from whence I might return into my

native Country; and begged his Majesty's Orders for getting Materials to fit it up; together with his Licence to depart; which, after some kind Expoftulations, he was pleased to grant.

I DID very much wonder, in all this Time, not to have heard of any Express relating to me from our Emperor to the Court of Blefufcu. But I was afterwards given privately to understand, that his Imperial Majefty never imagining I had the leaft Notice of his Defigns, believed I was only gone to Blefufcu in Performance of my Promife, according to the Licence he had given me, which was well known at our Court; and would return in a few Days when that Ceremony was ended. But he was at laft in Pain at my long Absence; and, after confulting with the Treafurer, and the reft of that Cabal; a Perfon of Quality w s dispatched with the Copy of the Articles against me. This Envoy had Inftructions to reprefent to the Monarch of Blefufcu, the great Lenity of his Mafter, who was content to punish me no further than with the Lofs of mine Eyes: That I had fled from Juftice, and if I did not return in two Hours, I fhould be deprived of my Title of Nardac, and declared a Traitor. The Envoy further added; that in order to maintain the Peace and Amity between both Empires, his Mafter expected, that his Brother of Blefufcu would give Orders to have me fent back to Lilliput, bound Hand and Foot, to be punished as a Traitor.

THE Emperor of Blefufcu having taken three Days to confult, returned an Anfier confifting of many Civilities and Excufes. He faid, that as for fending me bound, his Brothe knew it was im

poffible; that although I had de

ved him of his

Fleet, yet he owed great Obligation to me for many


good Offices I had done him in making the Peace. That however, both their Majefties would foon be made eafy; for I had found a prodigious Veffel on the Shore, able to carry me on the Sea, which he had given Order to fit up with my own Affiftance and Direction, and he hoped in a few Weeks both Empires would be freed from fo infupportable an Incumbrance.

WITH this Anfwer the Envoy returned to Lilliput, and the Monarch of Blefufcu related to me all that had paffed; offering me at the fame Time (but under the strictest Confidence) his gracious Protection, if I would continue in his Service; wherein although I believed him fincere, yet I refolved never more to put any Confidence in Princes or Minifters, where I could poffibly avoid it; and therefore, with all due Acknowledgments for his favourable Intentions, I humbly begged to be excused. I told him, that fince Fortune, whether good or evil, had thrown a Veffel in my Way; I was refolved to venture myself in the Ocean, rather than be an Occafion of Difference between two such mighty Monarchs. Neither did I find the Emperor at all difpleased; and I discovered by a certain Accident, that he was very glad of my Resolution, and fo were most of his Minifters.

THESE Confiderations moved me to haften my Departure fomewhat fooner than I intended; to which the Court, impatient to have me gone, very readily contributed. Five hundred Workmen were employed to make two Sails to my Boat, according to my Directions, by quilting thirteen fold of their strongest Linnen together. I was at the Pains of making Ropes and Cables, by twisting ten, twenty, or thirty of the thickest and strongest of theirs. A great Stone that I happened to find, after a long VOL. III. Search

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Search by the Sea-Shore, ferved me for an Anchor. I had the Tallow of three hundred Cows for greafing my Boat, and other Ufes. I was at incredible Pains in cutting down fome of the largest Timber Trees for Oars and Mafts, wherein I was, however, much assisted by his Majefty's Ship-Carpenters, who helped me in fmoothing them, after I had done the rough Work.

IN about a Month, when all was prepared, I sent to receive his Majesty's Commands, and to take my leave. The Emperor and Royal Family came out of the Palace; I lay down on my Face to kifs his Hand, which he very gracioufly gave me; fo did the Emprefs, and young Princes of the Blood, His Majefty presented me with fifty Purses of two hundred Sprugs a-piece, together with his Picture at full Length, which I put immediately into one of my Gloves, to keep it from being hurt. The Ceremonies at my Departure were too many to trouble the Reader with at this Time.

I STORED the Boat with the Carcafes of an hundred Oxen, and three hundred Sheep, with Bread and Drink proportionable, and as much Meat ready dreffed as four hundred Cooks could provide. I took with me fix Cows and two Bulls alive, with as many Ewes and Rams, intending to carry them into my own Country, and propagate the Breed. And to feed them on board, I had a good Bundle of Hay, and a Bag of Corn. I would gladly have taken a Dozen of the Natives; but this was a Thing the Emperor would by no means permit; and befides a diligent Search into my Pockets, his Majefty engaged my Honour not to carry away any of his Subjects, although with their own Confent and Defire.


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