A history of the political life of the rt. hon. W. Pitt, by John Gifford, Volume 4

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Page 8 - The British Convention of (* the delegates of the people associated to obtain " universal suffrage and annual Parliaments.
Page 605 - Majesty acquaints them, that the crisis which was depending, at the commencement of the present session, had led...
Page 258 - Majesty's intention to employ vigourously the force and resources of the country, in support of its essential interests ; and on the desire uniformly manifested by his Majesty, to effect a pacification on just and honourable grounds with any government in France, under whatever form, which shall appear capable of maintaining the accustomed relations of peace and amity with other countries.
Page 407 - Should this crisis terminate in any order of things compatible with the tranquillity of other countries, and affording a reasonable expectation of security and permanence in any treaty which might be concluded, the appearance of a disposition to negotiate for general peace on just and suitable terms will not fail to be met, on my part, with an earnest desire to give it the fullest and speediest effect.
Page 584 - ... was only the prelude to the repetition of similar exactions. Nearly at the same period, in violation of the rights of neutrality and of the treaty which had been concluded between the French republic and the grand duke of Tuscany in the preceding year, and in breach of a positive promise given; only a few days before, the French army forcibly took possession of Leghorn, for the purpose of seizing the British property which was deposited there and confiscating it as...
Page 34 - We are called in the present age to witness the political and moral phenomenon of a mighty and civilized people, formed into an artificial horde of banditti, throwing off all the restraints which have influenced men in social life, displaying a savage valour directed by a sanguinary spirit, forming rapine and destruction into a system, and perverting to their 1 Fox.
Page 121 - This whole system of insurrection would appear, from the papers found with them, to be laid in the modern doctrine of the rights of man ; — that monstrous doctrine, under which the weak and ignorant, who are most susceptible of impression from such barren abstract positions, were attempted to be seduced to overturn government, law, property, security, religion, order, and every thing valuable...
Page 110 - Scotchmen are equally interested; that injustice in Scotland is injustice in England ; and that the safety of Englishmen is endangered whenever their brethren in Scotland, for a conduct which entitles them to the approbation of all wise, and the support of all brave men, are sentenced to Botany Bay, a punishment hitherto inflicted only on felons. " That we see with regret, but we see without fear, that the period is fast approaching when the liberties of Britons...
Page 305 - The Speaker of the house of commons, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Master of the Rolls, the Governor and Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, and the AccountantGeneral of the High Court of Chancery, were persons who, from their several situations, he should think highly proper to be of the number.
Page 125 - With refpect to the laft of your propofals, we are at a lofs to advife. If the event is looked to in the vote, which may be obtained from that body to whom...

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