Little Davey: View of Reality

Chipmunkapublishing ltd, 2007 - 268 pages
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The natural philosophy shared in Little Davey has emanated directly from the author's extensive life experience and gathered knowledge in managing cognitive dissonance due to intra-personal conflicts, arising directly out of inter-personal conflicts. Ms. Hill's quest for wisdom and understanding began over half a century ago in an objectified childhood and has extended throughout a life of episodic tragedies by human agency into the present. Little Davey is the summation of her understanding for the concept - power - as a life's energy force and a shared human drive, which has historically been deceptively acculturated by ulterior-motivation against self-empowerment into a societally accepted illusion -- generating ignorance of our true nature, thereby producing suffering. Kathleen Hill is presently pursuing certification in law, specifically welfare laws, as a precursor to founding the social enterprise DS-n-SP-CAFT (Peer Legal Counselling and Advocacy).

About the Author

Kathleen is an inspirational figure in the global service user/survivor movement. Kathleen lives in Canada where she campaigns for human rights and the rights of mental health service users.


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Little Davey A Critique of a Social Situation
Equality and Belonging
Chapter 2
Psychiatrys Human Rights Violations
Displacement Terminology
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