A New Revelation from God

AuthorHouse, 19 déc. 1997 - 496 pages

The Baron is a collection of short story-like poems that are unrhymed. The book describes the life of the Baron, a nobleman, who lives in a castle in nineteenth century England. Oakcrest Castle is the setting and the Baron, his fiancée, the Duchess of Wellington, Claymore, the castle's keeper, and Kendall, the groundskeeper, are the major characters along with friends of the Baron also featured. The Baron has numerous pets, including geese, pigs, turkeys, a horse, and a donkey that are all a big part of his life. Kendall takes care of them and feeds them along with his pets, a dog, and a raccoon. All the animals have funny names. The Baron frequently rides his horse or travels in the horse and carriage to scenic places around the castle which resides near the Moors. The Baron and his fiancée take many rides to see friends or enjoy the scenery. Life is good for the Baron and he is a proud man with a noble heritage and has lived at Oakcrest Castle his whole life. I hope that the readers will attain a sense of the county life in the English countryside many years ago and of the regal tradition of the castle as the Baron enjoys his wonderful life.

Louise Lefler Fry

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