Writing Notes From God: A Call in Preparation for Prayer

AuthorHouse, 17 juin 2003 - 264 pages

Whatever one's religious background, it is hard to doubt that there might be a connection between events on earth and events in a different, spiritual, realm. Seen in this context, the beliefs of the Templars of the Christian Brotherhood are particularly interesting, as they focus on the fight of good against evil on both the earthly and the heavenly planes of existence. Thus they center their faith on the struggle between angels and demons as reflected in such events as the American Civil War, World War II, and in particular the struggle for Civil Rights in America. Central human figures in the struggle for good include Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and especially Elvis Presley, from whose Gospel songs and apocryphal writings the TCB believe they have had special revelation.

This book comprises a dramatic rendition of a speculative inquiry into the teachings of the TCB. While the authors are uncertain as to the validity of the claims of the Templars of the Christian Brotherhood, there is no question that much of what they teach has an element of truth to it. Their opposition to racism, for example, must be highly commended.

The book is divided into several sections. Part I, which comprises the bulk of the book, consists of a story written in screenplay format that accurately portrays the Apocalyptic beliefs of the TCB. Part II is a record of the Manifesto of the Templars of the Christian Brotherhood, which includes the teachings of its current Grand Master. Two Appendices follow, serving to further clarify the issues which concern the Brotherhood.

The book not only entertains, but provokes deep thought, especially as we enter a new millennium and an age when individuals are focusing more and more upon spiritual concerns.

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