A pastoral letter to the clergy and members of the ... Church ... from the bishops ... assembled in General convention...1835

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Page 16 - God, from Whom all holy desires, all good counsels, and all just works do proceed; Give unto Thy servants that peace which the world cannot give; that both our hearts may be set to obey Thy commandments, and also that by Thee we being defended from the fear of our enemies may pass our time in rest and quietness; through the merits of Jesus Christ our Saviour.
Page 12 - It is not necessary that Traditions and Ceremonies be in all places one, or utterly like ; for at all times they have been diverse, and may be changed according to the diversities of countries, times, and men's manners, so that nothing be ordained against God's Word.
Page 5 - The kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of the Lord and of His Christ.
Page 7 - Scripturis nobis tradiderunt, fundamentum et columnam fidei nostrae futurum :** " We have known the economy of our salvation by no other but by those by whom the gospel came to us; which truly they then preached, but afterward by the will of God delivered to us in the Scriptures, which were to be the pillar and ground to our faith ;" viz. what the church was afterward to minister, the Scriptures did consign, and both of them were pillars and grounds of faith, the church X«rovpyucoie, the Scriptures...
Page 2 - Bishops, with a request that they will draw up, and cause to be published, a Pastoral Letter to the members of the Church. And it is hereby made the duty of every clergyman having a pastoral charge, when any such Letter is published, to read the said Pastoral Letter to his congregation on some occasion of public worship.
Page 8 - Whence have you that tradition? Comes it from the authority of the Lord, and of the Gospel, or from the Epistles of the Apostles ? For God testifies that we are to do those things which are written, &c. If it be commanded in the Gospel, or contained in the Epistles or Acts of the Apostles, then let us observe it as a Divine and holy tradition.
Page 14 - It is a doctrine recognised by our Church in various places ; especially in her burial service. In Scripture, we see it in the case of one of the thieves on the cross; in what is said of David by St. Peter, in his address to the Jews on the day of Pentecost ; in what we read in the Apocalypse, of the souls under the...
Page 8 - the divine balance, for the weighing of doctrine ;" and he says, " All things which appertain to life and doctrine, are plainly set down in Scripture." To go no further than to the next century, we there find in St. Jerome : " Of those things which without the authorities and the testimonies of Scripture, men invent of their own heads, as from apostolical tradition, they are smitten with the sword of GOD.
Page 8 - The Law of Ritualism, examined in its Relation to the Word of GOD, to the Primitive Church, to the Church of England, and to the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.

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