One Kingdom, One King

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 416 pages
ONE KINGDOM, ONE KING is about a search for the Church that Jesus Christ said that He would build. There are many organized religions and denominations who claim to be the true church, but just who or what is the true church? What does its organization look like? I have found that the true Church is a spiritual organism headed by Jesus Christ, not a religious organization or institution built on the traditions of men. I have listened to sermons and read books written by many different authors and lititure from many different evangelical associations; looked at web-sites, and watched religious television shows. Maybe you have too. What I have written is not to agree or disagree with their opinions--it is what I believe from my own research and study of the Holy Scriptures. I want to share this with others who may also be looking for this same Church--for those who seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. I have made every effort to be objective and not to attack persons or personalities, past or present, living or dead. I do however, attack doctrines and beliefs regardless of religious affiliation or church denomination. The issues of Sabbath to Sunday, Christmas and Easter; the Trinity, immortality of the soul, the ever-burning hell; and the role of Israel both past and present are covered, among others. Many of these subjects are rejected or misunderstood by most denominations, although, I believe there are many that would respond, if they were told the truth. My prayer is that this book goes forth serving its purpose: To find the lost sheep of Israel--and to draw them out of the world's evil organized religious system; bringing them together in harmony with God's Law; bringing them into ONE KINGDOM under ONE KING.

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