Keys to the Kingdom: The Year 2012 Countdown to the Apocalypse

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 186 pages
Keys to the Kingdom; The Year 2012 Countdown to the Apocalypse is a prophetic book that unlocks the mysteries in the Book of Revelation. By revealing the astrological content that is embedded throughout the Book of Revelation, the scriptural texts become more relevant to the events happening in the world today. The ancient science of astrology and the celestial movement of the heavens were used by ancient cultures as a way to connect to both the heavens and God. The Egyptians, Mesopotamians, in addition to the Mayans and Incas all used the stars to foretell man's destiny and fate. It is in the misunderstanding of this ancient science that modern man and astrologers alike have changed, altered, and ultimately loss the art of reading the night sky to determine man's fate in these Last Days. According to ancient astrology, the Piscean Age will come to an end in the year 2012, while the earth will reach the first stars in the constellation Aquarius the following year. This year will also mark the beginning of the end of days, as God's wrath will be initiated and serve as a prelude of the devastation that will come upon the planet. By interpreting and understanding the celestial heavens, Keys to the Kingdom also takes the reader through the prophecies of both Ezekiel and Daniel which serves as the foundation for Revelation prophecy. In addition, Revelation scriptures are deciphered chapter by chapter, while supporting the premise that the prophecies are steeped in ancient history and astrology. The reader is also given a prophetic year to year countdown of events that will and have taken hold of the planet since the year 2000. However, in the year 1999 and then in 2000, celestial phenomena appeared in the heavens to signal the coming end and downfall of the fourth and final kingdom that is the Middle-East region today. Seventy percent of the Book of Revelation has already happened, as Chapter 12 speaks of a virgin that represents the constellation Virgo, "being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered." This chapter is describing the birthing of a new age, the Age of Aquarius, when rectification and order will come to a planet that is spiritually dead and dying. As the earth moves into the Age of Aquarius in the year 2013, God will begin to pour out His spirit upon all mankind, as the astrological sign of the Aquarian water barer is symbolic of this new spiritual manifestation and fresh anointing. As this new age approaches the nations of the world are poised to fulfill the ancient prophecies of end time events, specifically those nations in the Middle-East today, as Jerusalem serves as the foundation stone for the world and is at the center of all Biblical prophecy and understanding. As a result, Keys to the Kingdom makes a unique and compelling case that man's fate and destiny is written in both the prophecies of the Biblical scriptures and in the movement of the planets against the star constellations in the celestial heavens. What Keys to the Kingdom further reveals is the connectivity between the spirit realm and the movement of both the planet and stars that foretell the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies and the coming of the End of Days.

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À propos de l'auteur (2007)

Gary Alexander Byrd is the founder of Kingdom One Ministries, based in Newburgh, New York. Mr. Byrd's education, experience, and training in both spiritual and business matters have provided him the opportunity to meet and speak with many who are seeking spiritual truth and understanding from a Biblical perspective. As an ordained Minister and former student of New York Theological Seminary, Mr. Byrd has done extensive study and research on the Holy Scriptures and more specifically The Book of Revelation. These studies, in addition to possessing prophetic insight into spiritual matters, led him to write Keys to the Kingdom; The Year 2012; Countdown to the Apocalypse. Mr. Byrd is married to his wife of seventeen years, Janet and they have four children. In addition, Mr. Byrd is the CEO and President of Elan Management, a management consulting firm that is committed to providing a complete package of business services. Mr. Byrd's professional qualifications and background also includes serving as the Executive Pastor of Living Water Healing Ministries, in addition to possessing over twenty five years of corporate business experience, while working with companies such as CBS-TV and Pepsico. Mr. Byrd possesses a BA from Howard University and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology.

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